Vistinduk Pack of 2

Vistinduk Pack of 2

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Vistinduk Vati

Nerves play an important role in our body. These help in connecting various parts or organs of the body together. Additionally these also help in supplying information to and fro from the body to the brain and vice-versa.  Uninterrupted nutritional supply, blood supply and oxygen supply is a must for proper working of the nerves. It is because nerves are quite delicate and these may undergo severe damage in case supply of nutrients, oxygen or blood is halted to the nerves.

Like our body parts or organs suffer from various diseases or disorders, similarly nerves also suffer from various disorders. It may be due to malfunctioning of the body part or system with which these are connected, incorrect posture, nutritional deficiency, genetic factors or any other reasons. Nerves may also undergo pain, swelling and inflammation which in turn interfere with the normal functioning of the body part or system with which these are linked.

Mostly pain-killers or anti-inflammatory medicines are administered to get relieved of the disorders associated with the nerves. These medicines may offer instant relief from the discomfort associated with the nerves however the symptoms start re-appearing as soon as the medicine is withdrawn.  Herbal products such as Divya Vistinduk Vati may be used in this regard so as to get rid of disorders associated with the nerves. It is rich in multiple herbs which offer permanent relief from any types of nerve-disorders.

Major constituents

As the name suggests, Vistinduk Vati contains Vistinduk or Strichnus Nux-vomica or Karaskar as its major active constituent. It is also referred to as kuchla in ayurvedic medical world.


Not only nerves but Divya Vistinduk Vati is equally beneficial for multiple health problems. It may be used to treat and prevent different types of health problems associated with various body parts, organs and systems.

Nourishment to the nerves- Divya Vistinduk Vati is rich in all the nutrients which are required for proper working of the nerves. It improves functioning of the nerves by supplying all the nutrients to them. This in turn helps in treatment and prevention of weakness of the nerves. It can be referred to as a wonderful nerve tonic.

Nerve disorders- Irrelevant of the type and nature of nerve disorders, this herbal formula is apt in treatment and prevention of all of them.  It relieves pain, inflammation, swelling or infections relevant to the nerves quite efficiently and quickly.

Lumbago- This physical disorder is treated appropriately with the help of Divya Vistinduk Vati.

Digestive problems- Multiple digestive problems may be cured well with the help of Divya Vistinduk Vati. It has a soothing effect on intestinal colic, abdominal pain and swelling in the stomach. It also relieves stomach gas, flatulence, constipation and indigestion very effectively. Diarrhea and dysentery which may prove to harmful for overall health of a person are also treated well with the help of  this superb herbal medicine.    

Liver and spleen disorders- Jaundice and enlargement of spleen are two disorders associated with liver and spleen respectively which are treated effectively by using Divya Vistinduk Vati.

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