Tentex Royal (Pack of 2)

Tentex Royal (Pack of 2)

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Treat erectile dysfunction with Tentex Royal

One of the most common problems relevant to sexual life of a person being experienced by large numbers of males all across the globe is that of erectile dysfunction. It is a problem in which men are not able to maintain erections for long time during sexual activity. As a result, they are not able to get complete sexual pleasure and at the same time not able to satisfy their sex partners completely.

Consequently, the sex life of both partners is ruined and it even interferes with reproduction process. It is because due to improper erection of the penis during sexual intercourse, the males suffer from mental problems such as stress and anxiety. This in turn interferes with the system of brain which is responsible for releasing sexual or reproductive hormones and hence the reproductive process is not completed.

Therefore, the concerned couples are not able bear children which lead to many more psychological problems. Therefore, it is quite important to treat the root cause of all these problems i.e. erectile dysfunction. And it is best possible by using Tentex Royal which is an organic product made available by the Himalaya Company.

Chief ingredients used to prepare Tentex Royal

All the ingredients used in the preparation of Tentex Royal are quite safe and doesn’t produce any side-effects.

Hygrophilia or Kokilaksha - It is greatly helpful in treating the problem of erectile dysfunction by enhancing the flow of blood towards penis. It also helps in relaxation of the cavernosal muscles i.e. the soft area around the penis which contains maximum blood during erection thereby allowing penis to remain erect for longer time periods. It is done by release of nitric oxide from endothelium and nitrergic nerve endings.

Small Caltrops or Gokshura - It is again found to be effective in correcting the erectile dysfunction. It is due to the reason that small caltrops helps in making the flow-mediated dilation of the arteries of penis better by conversion of protodioscin into the DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone. It is to be noted that the former is an antecedent of testosterone and hence promotes erectile function by its conversion into DHEA. All this results in relaxation of vascular smooth muscles and hence increases the erection time for penis.

Almond - It is also known as Vatada and is a natural aphrodisiac. It is known to enhance the motility of the sperms as well as sperm count to a great extent and that too without the risk of any spermatotoxic effects.

Benefits of using Tentex Royal

The major and most evident benefit of using Tentex Royal is treatment of erectile dysfunction. It helps males to perform better during sexual activity by making penis strong enough to remain erect for longer time periods.

It also improves sexual desire and release of sex hormones from the concerned centers of brain.

Tentex Royal is effective in treating erectile dysfunction caused due to any reasons such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or endothelial dysfunction.

It also helps in getting rid of male sexual weakness by providing required strength to get engaged in sexual activity.

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