Sudanta tooth paste (Pack of 2)

Sudanta tooth paste (Pack of 2)

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Sudanta Toothpaste

Suffering from bad breath & teeth problems and thinking to get treated with the conventional types of medicines or toothpastes? Just think of the possible side effects of allopathic medications that put adverse impacts upon the physique.

Why not try Sri Sri Ayurveda's Sudanta Toothpaste for perfect care of your teeth that not only enable you to chew the food but enhance your personality if you maintain them well. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji has set up an ayurvedic centre in Bangalore under the name Sri Sri Ayurveda. It prepares various medicines for treatment of different diseases. People aspirant of gaining ayurvedic knowledge can also approach this centre that functions through its branches in India and various other countries.

Sudanta Toothpaste may be termed as a strong shelter for your teeth. It is meant to take care of the teeth and gums that are prevented from being affected with any problems. Regular brushing your teeth with this unique paste provides you relief from bad breath and strengthens the gums / teeth to great extent. Problems including dental caries, tooth ache, bleeding gums and other related disorders can be got rid of by using this toothpaste that is prepared by mixing the useful herbs. Clove, Cinnamon and Black Pepper being its major constituents save your teeth from different diseases. The powerful antibacterial feature of clove kills bacteria and toothache. The gums are strengthened with its astringent property. Anti-inflammatory Cinnamon is known for its good flavor while Black pepper, Bakul and Mayaphal energize the teeth and gums.

Ingredients –

  1. Bakul
  2. Black Pepper
  3. Clove
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Dalchini
  6. Mayaphal

Benefits – The exclusive advantages of brushing your teeth with   Sudanta Toothpaste are listed below:

  1. Prevents bad breath – We see many people that suffer from bad breath. It may be due to cigarettes or other reasons. They are advised to brush their teeth daily with Sudanta Toothpaste that is the best remedy to get rid of this problem.
  2. Teeth diseases – Few people suffer from teeth ailments that can be prevented with this toothpaste that works wonders if used daily.
  3. Tooth health – You can have healthy teeth and gums by using this toothpaste in even manners.
  4. Tooth ache and bacteria – Many people suffer from acute pain in their teeth apart from bacterial effects. They must use this paste.
  5. Dental caries – This disorder can also be got rid of with Sudanta Toothpaste by using it twice a day.
  6. Bleeding gums and tooth decay – We see many people that suffer from bleeding in their gums. Few persons are affected with tooth decay. Both these problems can be controlled effectively by using Sudanta Toothpaste gifted by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji.
  7. Good flavor – Contents of cinnamon in this toothpaste are useful to enjoy good flavor that is liked by the users.
  8. Prevents tartar build-up & sensitivities – Sudanta Toothpaste is helpful to avoid accumulation of tartar. It is also effective for sensitivities.
  9. Mouth ulcers / pyorrhea – You can prevent mouth ulcers by using this toothpaste in regular manners. Pyorrhea can also be avoided.

Brushing the teeth with Sudanta Toothpaste twice a day using pea sized one cm brush gives excellent results. It strengthens the teeth & gums.

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