Shwasa shuddhi (Pack of 2)

Shwasa shuddhi (Pack of 2)

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Shwasa Shuddhi

It may not be any overstatement to say that our Respiratory System is the foundation of our life. Prana, the existence of life depends upon this system that enables us to stay in this world. As the name suggests, Shwasa Shuddhi Vati may be referred to as a tool to clear and ease our   breathing from any ill effects. It is helpful to cleanse the infections, allergens or pollutants etc that often block the airways.

There are many types of treatments for setting aright the Respiratory System but all of them do not provide the desired results. Ayurvedic System of Medicines suggests the apt medicines after going into the disorders related to the respiratory system. This noble therapy has become most popular amongst large numbers of people throughout the world. Being from any harmful elements, the ayurvedic medicines do not harm in any manners.

Shwasa Shuddhi Vati has been facilitated by Sri Sri Ayurveda, the trust managed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji who has focused his attention on the people to relieve them from different diseases. This fantastic medicine is also prepared in the above centre that exists in Bangalore. Its other branches function from different places in India and abroad. People throughout the world get benefited by way of apt medicines and ayurvedic knowledge through this prominent ayurvedic centre.

Shwasa Shuddhi Vati saves our respiratory system that is responsible for our existence, i.e. Prana. This wonderful medicine helps to scrap off the toxins, allergens or infections that create hurdles for easy functioning of the airways. It is a great fighter against Asthma too.

Ingredients - Shwasa Shuddhi Vati contains the following herbal components that are mixed in apt proportions for best results.

  1. Abhrakabhasma
  2. Bala
  3. Bharangi
  4. Bilwa
  5. Gokshura
  6. Jeeraka
  7. Karkatakashrungi
  8. Kantakari
  9. Pippali
  10. Pushkarmoola
  11. Shunti
  12. Sati
  13. Vasaka
  14. Yashtimadhu.

Advantages - Shwasa Shuddhi Vati benefits us as under:

  1. Respiratory System – It acts as a strong shelter for this system. It helps to prevent unnecessary infections, pollutants or allergens that create disorders in the respiratory system. Candidly this major system of our body is responsible for our existence, i.e. Prana. As such it should be saved from any harm. Shwasa Shuddhi Vati is there to protect from any damages.
  2. Cough – This wonderful ayurvedic medicine gifted by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji works wonders for cough patients. They should take it on regular basis.
  3. Dyspnoea – People suffering from this ailment also get total relief with this medicine that is available from Sri Sri Ayurveda,   run by the renowned spiritual guru.
  4. Rhinitis – This harmful disease can be got rid of by using Shwasa Shuddhi Vati in even manners.
  5. Cleanses the bronchial tree – This appreciable medicine is the best solution to cleanse the undesired secretions that create obstacles in the airway. It helps to get rid of infections, allergens and pollutants that create difficulties for breathing.
  6. Asthma – Asthmatic conditions can be prevented by taking this useful medicine that works like a strong Broncho-dilator.

Dosage – One tablet thrice before meals on all days. 

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