Syphilis is an infectious disease that is mainly caused due to bacterial attack on the body. It mainly spreads from one person to the other through sexual contact. The bacteria responsible for this disease attack the body and gives rise to formation of a painless sore. This sore is mainly found on the rectum, mouth or the genitals of the sufferer. Due to contact of the skin or mucous membrane with these infected sores, syphilis spreads from one person to the other. Not only genital sex but syphilis may also spread through oral or anal sex from one sex partner to the other. It is worth noting that syphilis is a highly contagious disease that can spread via kissing or physical contact too.

People who are infected with this disease should abstain from such activities so as to prevent spreading of this disease from one person to the other. In most of the cases, the disease doesn’t get recognized at all. This infectious and contagious disease may be passed on from pregnant mother infected with this disease to her baby. In this case, the condition is called as congenital syphilis and results in abnormalities in the baby. Even sometimes the baby may undergo death.

Although syphilis is a serious health issue however it can be treated if it is diagnosed at initial stages or early stage. If this disease is left untreated then it may result in damage to the vital organs of the body such as heart, brain, kidneys etc. and may ultimately result in death of the sufferer.

What causes syphilis?
As stated above, syphilis is mainly caused due to attack of bacterium called as Treponema pallidum. This bacterium is then transferred to others via sexual contact via contact of the sores. Minor cuts or abrasions on the skin or the mucous membranes pave the way for transfer of this bacterium to the body of the other person. Syphilis may also be caused in a person by kissing with the infected person or from infected pregnant mother to the child.

What are the possible risk factors for syphilis?
Although syphilis may be caused in any person however some people are at high risk of suffering from this condition as compared to others. People who engage in unprotected sex are more prone to suffer from this health condition as compared to others. Similarly, people who get engaged in sex with multiple sex partners are also more prone to suffer from syphilis. Men who get engaged in sexual activity with people of similar sex i.e. men are also at high risk of suffering from this disease. People who are infected with HIV or suffer from AIDS also come in this category.

How to prevent syphilis?
You can prevent or reduce the chances of occurrence of syphilis by following some simple tips.
You must avoid having sex with an infected person. At the same time, you must avoid having sex with multiple sex partners.
In case, you wish to have sex, then you need to use a latex condom as it is the best way to avoid transfer or transmission of bacterium from one person to the other.

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