Stress, tension, depression, anxiety and nervousness are the terms that are used by people in routine life to refer to the negative mental states experienced by them in routine life. It is because of stressful and hectic lifestyle that ultimately gives rise to all these states. Stress is such a mental state that can be experienced or felt by large numbers of people in routine life even when exposed to stressful conditions or situations in life. It is in fact physiological or physical reaction of the body to the negative or unfavorable situations in routine life.

Such type of stress may appear for short term and then disappear of its own when the negative situation or circumstances in the life are over. But some people are not able to come out of this condition and remain haunted by this negative mental state for prolonged time periods. This condition is then referred to as depression. Under this condition, the concerned person remains in a state of unhappiness, tension and anxiousness at all the times. It is because the mind is haunted by negative thoughts and feelings only.

What causes stress and depression in a person?
Well, there is not a single factor that may be held responsible for occurrence of stress and depression in a person. Rather, multiple factors are there that may become the causative agents or factors for such negative mental states. Some of the chief causes out of these as per medical science may be as mentioned below.

  • Stress and depression may be triggered due to lack of certain nutrients in diet that are essential for normal functions and good health of the brain. Due to deficiency of such nutrients, the working mechanism of the brain is affected adversely which in turn results in negative mental states called as stress and depression.
  • Some tragedy or trauma in life may also be the chief reason for occurrence of stress and depression. It has a deep negative impact on the brain as well as on the emotional aspect of the human personality.
  • Genetic factors also contribute to great deal as far as occurrence of stress and depression is concerned.
  • Specific chemical composition in the brain or particular structure of the brain may also be held responsible for stress and depression.
  • People who are excessively exposed to stressful and hectic lifestyle are also at high risk of suffering from stress and depression.
  • Lack of proper rest and sleep may also result in these negative mental states.
  • Prolonged physical illness is also an important factor for causing stress and depression.

What are the various signs and symptoms of stress and depression?
Person suffering from stress and depression wants to remain in isolation and may also suffer from physical weakness, exhaustion and tiredness. There may be constant headache, loss of appetite and lack of sleep and rest in a person suffering from stress and depression. Such a person may wish to remain in isolation and may even develop suicidal thoughts at times.

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