Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease as well as inflammatory condition relevant to the small joints of the body. These may include joints of fingers, hands, feet etc. Under this condition, the lining of the joints undergo swelling as well as suffer from extreme pain. The sufferer may ultimately suffer from erosion and deformities of the bones. Since this is an autoimmune disease therefore the condition mainly arises when immune system of the body attacks its own cells/tissues by mistake. This condition may occur at any age but chances of its occurrence are more after 40 years of age. Although both men and women may suffer from this painful condition however it is more commonly found in women as compared to men. Due to deformity of the joints, the patient may find it difficult to carry out routine tasks. This condition may also have an adverse effect on other body parts or organs as well. These may include eyes, lungs, blood vessels and skin.

What causes rheumatoid arthritis?
Although the main reason for occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis is autoimmune action of the immune system that attacks own body tissues however there are certain other factors too that may be responsible for occurrence of this condition. The chief factors out of these may include-

  • Certain nutritional deficiencies may be responsible for causing rheumatoid arthritis. It is because deficiency of nutrients results in malfunctioning of the immune system as well as the small joints of the body and hence causes rheumatoid arthritis or RA.
  • People who skip their meals are also at high risk of suffering from this health condition.
  • People who consume heavy and indigestible foods excessively are also prone to suffer from RA. It is because such foods interfere with the digestive functions which in turn results in indigestion and may cause pain in the joints due to formation of gas.
  • Consumption of incompatible foods such as milk and salt or milk and fish may also suffer from RA.
  • Similarly, excessive intake of milk and yogurt and other dairy products is also one of the reasons for occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • People who get engaged in heavy physical activity or other exercises immediately after meals and particularly those rich in fat content are also prone to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.
  • People who consume aquatic animals may also suffer from RA. It is again due to negative effect on the immune system.

What are the risk factors for rheumatoid arthritis?
Although RA may occur in anyone however some people are more prone to suffer from this condition as compared to others. There are certain risk factors that may increase the chances of occurrence of this disease as compared to others. Have a look.

  • The condition of rheumatoid arthritis may be found more in women as compared to men.
  • People who are amid 40 and 60 years of age are more prone to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Family history of the disease also increases chances of its occurrence in people belonging to same family.
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