Pyorrhea is a condition associated with the gums. Under this condition, there is bleeding from the gums, which is mainly triggered due to attack of bacillus bacteria upon the gums and teeth. It is caused due to improper hygiene of the oral parts. People who are careless as far as taking care of their oral parts is concerned are more prone to suffer from this condition. It is because due to improper hygiene of the oral parts, food particles remain inside the mouth which in turn allows the microbes to grow and multiply. Consequently, teeth and gums suffer from infections as well as bleeding from the gums.

Since food particles stuck in the teeth result in obstruction of the proper exercise of the gums due to which the resistance of gums is reduced therefore the condition called as pyorrhea arises in the mouth. Although occurrence of pyorrhea may cause discomfort to the sufferer however it is not at all serious. It can be prevented by taking care of hygiene of the oral parts. This condition is also referred to as perdontitis in medical science. Due to attack of bacillus bacteria, the roots of teeth become weak and hence lead to decay of the teeth.

How is pyorrhea caused?

Pyorrhea is mainly caused due to attack of bacillus bacteria on the teeth and gums which is mainly triggered due to improper hygiene of the oral parts. Attack of this bacterium on the leftovers of food particles stuck in the teeth results in infections and in turn weakening of the roots of the teeth. Consequently, gums undergo bleeding and inflammation. People who depend excessively and largely on high sugar foods and other carbohydrates such as refined ones also suffer from this condition. Foods that are low in antioxidants also result in pyorrhea. Certain health issues such as diabetes or high blood sugar are also known to cause bleeding from the gums. People who smoke excessively or drink alcohol may also suffer from this oral condition.

What are the various signs and symptoms of pyorrhea?

The condition of pyorrhea is characterized by multiple signs and symptoms as given below.

  • There is redness and bleeding of the gums after brushing the teeth or using a dental floss. Even the gums become red after biting into something hard such as eating an apple.
  • People suffering from pyorrhea also complain of swelling and inflammation in the gums.
  • Such people also suffer from the problem of bad breath or halitosis. It is again due to bacterial attack that produces foul smell by acting on the remaining food particles inside the teeth.
  • The condition of pyorrhea is also characterized by gingival recession. It means there is evident lengthening of the teeth. At the same time, gap starts appearing amid the base of the teeth.
  • Due to occurrence of pyorrhea, the concerned person may also suffer from constant feeling of metallic taste in the mouth. It may be due to bleeding as well as pus coming out from the gums.
  • With the aggravation of the condition, tooth decay may also be noticed in people suffering from pyorrhea.

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