As the name suggests, psychosis is a mental disorder that is quite serious in nature. Under this condition, the thinking and emotions of the patient are so impaired that he/she starts living in a world of hallucination or imagination. In simple words, the patient is lost in his/her own imaginary world that is quite away from reality. False thoughts or delusions and hallucinations i.e. hearing things that are not actually present are two chief characteristics of this mental disorder.

As per medical science, these are called as ‘positive symptoms’ of the disorder. On the other hand, there are some ‘negative symptoms’ as well which may include social withdrawal or living in complete isolation and loss of motivation in life. Such a condition can become life-threatening as well. It is because when mind is filled with such negative thoughts and emotions then there are chances that the sufferer may hurt himself/herself.

Psychosis may be found in people of all age groups and genders. It is kind of mental illness that needs to be cured properly as soon as it is diagnosed in the concerned person. Due to occurrence of this thought disorder, the reality testing or judging capacity of a person is also impaired sometimes.

Most of the symptoms of psychotic disorder are related to the inner world or behavior of the sufferer. Here are some common signs and symptoms that are noticed in almost all patients suffering from this condition.

  • Such people like to wish in isolation and withdraw themselves completely from social circle.
  • The concerned person also suffers from the problem of depersonalization i.e. a feeling of being unreal.
  • Mental agitation, nervousness and anxiousness are also common in such people.
  • People suffering from psychosis don’t pay attention to their hygiene.
  • There is disorganized speech and behavior. Such people may speak unrelated or confusing words or sentences that may not be comprehensible to the listeners.
  • Behavior called as catatonic behavior may also be exhibited by people suffering from psychosis. Under this condition, the body of the sufferer becomes rigid and he/she may become unresponsive.
  • False thoughts or beliefs that have no reality are another common symptom of psychosis.
  • At the same time, the sufferer may hear or see such things that do not exist in reality.

What are the causes of psychosis?
Although exact cause for psychosis is not known however it is believed to be caused by different types of factors as mentioned below. Some of the common factors responsible for causing this mental disorder include hereditary factor, exposure to certain toxins, allergies, infections and disturbances in the metabolic system. At the same time, some other factors such as prenatal, perinatal, and some stressors are also known to cause psychosis in different people.
Changes in certain neurotransmitters including glutamate, dopamine and serotonin are also known to trigger occurrence of this mental disorder. Specific structure and chemical composition in the brain may also be held responsible for causing psychosis in large numbers of people. Use of certain medicines or drugs may also be held responsible for occurrence of this condition.


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