It is but obvious that premature ejaculation is a condition related to the ejaculation of semen in men. Although most men start trembling or worrying upon hearing this term however it is not at all serious. It is neither a disease nor a disorder rather it is just a common and mild problem related to the sexual life of men. Under this condition, men suffer from early ejaculation of their semen during sexual intercourse. It happens even before the climax has been reached or both the partners have been completely satisfied as far as sexual pleasure is concerned.

Consequently, both the partners remain physically unsatisfied or disappointed. This in turn results in disturbance in their personal and intimate life. This condition may arise in the sexual organs or system of men due to multiple factors. It also a type of sexual dysfunction from which most men suffer in present day arena. It may be occasional/incidental or chronic condition that is found in men depending upon individual physical conditions.

Why do men suffer from premature ejaculation?
As stated above, premature ejaculation may be caused due to multiple factors. In most of the cases, there is not an evident or clear cause. It may be caused due to some incidental factors or specific factors. Fresh experience of sexual activity in most men results in premature ejaculation. At the same time, ageing may also be responsible for occurrence of this condition in men. It is because muscles of the sexual system or the sexual organs become weak with advancement in age which in turn results in loss or reduction in control over the voluntary ejaculations.

Mental stress, tension, anxiousness, nervousness and such other states may also result in premature ejaculation. Too much indulgence in sexual activity or abstaining from the same for long time may also result in this condition. Prolonged or chronic physical illness, injury to the sexual parts or the system or some problems in the hormonal system of the body may also be one of the chief reasons for occurrence of premature ejaculation. Past sexual abuse or guilt feeling about sex may also be one of the reasons for occurrence of this health issue in men.

Are there any signs and symptoms of premature ejaculation?
The most evident or apparent symptom of premature ejaculation is early discharge of semen even before the sexual satisfaction has been achieved. It happens with minimal sexual stimulation.
How to manage the problem of premature ejaculation?
Men can manage the problem of premature ejaculation using some simple tips and have great sexual satisfaction.

  • Wearing a condom which is coated with a slight numbing gel on the inner side is advocated for men. It helps in reducing stimulation and hence prolongs the time of intercourse.
  • Using an analgesic cream or spray also helps in this regard as it helps in having control over ejaculation by offering a mild anesthetic effect to the sensory nerves.
  • You must remain stress-free and especially at the time of sexual intercourse. It helps you to take part in the sexual activity in an apt manner and have maximum pleasure.

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