Piles which are also known by the name haemorrhoids in medical science is a common condition faced or suffered by large numbers of people in present day arena. Under this condition, the veins present inside or just outside of it become inflamed which in turn results in pain, inflammation, burning sensation and sometimes bleeding as well during defecation. Piles may be divided into two types internal and external. Internal piles are characterized by discharge of dark blood due to bursting of the veins. That is why this condition is also referred to as bleeding piles.

On the other hand, external piles are a condition when there is severe pain in the rectum but there is no bleeding. This condition mainly arises due to chronic constipation as well as certain other bowel disorders. Due to occurrence of constipation, excessive pressure is exerted on the veins surrounding the rectum during evacuation of the bowels which in turn results in piles. Even this condition may be commonly found in people who lead a deskbound lifestyle and remain physically inactive.

On the other hand, fistula is an abnormal connection or passageway amid two epithelium-lined organs or vessels which are not connected. In simple words, fistula can be defined as a bodily cavity that is found under the skin or the mucous membranes and has an opening at both the ends.  This condition mainly arises due to wrong eating habits and improper lifestyle of people. It is again a painful condition.

What are the common causes of Piles and Fistula?
There are multiple causes or reasons behind occurrence of piles and fistula. The chief reasons out of these are as given below.

  • Acute or chronic constipation is one of the chief reasons for occurrence of piles and fistula.
  • People who have family history of the problem are also bound to suffer from piles. It is because genetic factors play an important role in occurrence of this problem.
  • Straining or exertion of excessive pressure while passing stools or during the process of defecation is also a common reason for occurrence of piles.
  • The condition of piles is found in almost all women during pregnancy.
  • People suffering from obesity or over-weightiness are also at high risk of suffering from this condition.
  • Continuous sitting or standing for long times due to profession or some other reasons may also become a major cause for occurrence of piles.
  • People who are engaged in the profession of lifting heavy objects or loads are also more prone to suffer from this condition.
  • The condition of fistula arises due to intake of highly spicy, hot, and penetrating foods.

Prevention of piles and fistula
The condition of piles and fistula can be prevented by taking care of some points. Have a look.

  • You must eat foods that are rich in fiber content such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These help in easy passage of stools which in turn prevents occurrence of piles and fistula naturally.
  • Too much straining or exertion of pressure during defecation should be avoided.
  • You must keep check over your weight. Try to reduce your weight in case you suffer from obesity.
  • Lifting of heavy objects or loads should be avoided.
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