Paralysis is a condition related to the muscular system of the body under which the muscles loss their functions. It is due to loss or impairment of the voluntary muscle power. This condition arises in the body due to certain diseases involving changes in the structure or composition of nervous tissue or muscular tissue. Even this condition may be caused due to diseases that arise in the body due to disturbances in the metabolic activity which in turn interferes with the functions of the nerves or the muscles. Paralysis is known by different names depending upon the part or area of the body affected. It may affect even a specific or small muscle group or area of the body. At the same time, it may also have an adverse effect on larger area of the body.

Hemiplegia- It is a condition when only one side of the body is affected by the paralytic attack.

Diplegia- It is a condition when both the sides of the body are affected or attacked by the paralysis. This condition is also called as bilateral hemiplegia.
Paraplegia- Under this condition, only lower limbs are affected by the paralytic attack.
Quadraplegia- This condition affects all the four limbs of the body due to paralytic attack.

Irrespective of the area or part of the body affected, Paralysis results in complete loss of muscle functions in that area. Even there may be loss of mobility or movement in the affected body part or area. It is to be noted that the main reason for occurrence of paralysis is the loss of communication amid the brain and the concerned muscles. As a result, messages are not exchanged amid them which in turn results in loss of functions in the specific muscles or muscle groups.

What causes paralysis?
As stated above, paralysis is mainly cause due to loss of communication amid brain and the affected muscles or muscle groups. It is due to strokes or injuries to the spinal cord or the neck region. At the same time, there are some other causes of paralysis as well. These may include autoimmune diseases, nerve diseases and Bell’s palsy that affected the muscles in the face.

Sleep Paralysis- It is also a type of paralysis under which the patient is conscious but not able to move or carry out any of the body movements. It is in fact a condition when the patient passes amid the stages of sleep and wakefulness. The patient is not able to move or speak for few seconds to few minutes during this phase and may even feel a sense or pressure of choking. Sleep paralysis is known by different names depending upon the time when it occurs. Sleep paralysis is known as hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis in case it occurs when you are falling asleep. On the other hand, it is called as hypnopompic or postdormital sleep paralysis if it occurs when you are waking up. Sleep paralysis is mainly caused due to problems or disturbance in sleeping. At the same time, it may also be caused due to extreme stress that may interfere with normal sleep.


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