Oligospermia, the fertility issue related with the men may be described as a condition wherein they suffer from the unusual sperm count. Insufficient number of sperm in the semen may be a temporary problem due to certain reasons like alcohol, smoking or certain drugs. Men with less than twenty million spermatozoa per one ml of ejaculate may be referred to as the patients of Oligospermia. It may lead to infertility or sub-fertility in the men.   

Symptoms – Men affected with Oligospermia usually suffer from burning during urination. They may have testicular pain and thick discharge from the penis. Swelling and dilated veins are also the signs of this problem. Infertility or sub fertility is also associated with this disease. Men suffering from Oligospermia become obsessed with feelings of guilt or anger. They become restless and suffer from loss of self-esteem because of their inability to make the women pregnant.

Causes – Low sperm count is a sperm disorder that may be caused due to high fever or certain drugs. High temperatures or toxic substances may also be responsible for Oligospermia in the men. Unusual hormonal conditions or severe sickness may also cause this problem. Sexually transmitted diseases may also be the reasons for the men to suffer from Oligospermia. It can be caused due to scarring because of surgery on the male reproductive system. Infection is also another culprit behind this disorder. Hormonal disorders, varicoceles, obesity, stress or malnutrition may also be the major causes of this problem.  

Treatment – The doctor may recommend HMG or HCG injections for the men that suffer from this disease. They may be advised to make use of testosterone, proxeed, vitamin C & E, high protein diets or hoemeopathic pills.  Sperm survival tests are also suggested for few patients. It involves washing of the sperm that are kept in the incubator for twenty four hours in culture medium. If more than three million motile sperm per ml are found on rechecking it is good. But if none of them remains alive they are found to be incompetent in terms of making the women pregnant. IUI, i.e. intrauterine insemination may also work well with the men suffering from Oligospermia. Chances of pregnancy can brighten by finding the best sperm out of the washed ones as only a single sperm could make the women pregnant. Fertility potential can be improved with superovulation plus intrauterine insemination.

IVF may also be suggested for few patients suffering from low sperm count. Assessment is based on the quality of the sperm if it can fertilize the eggs or not. If it can, the affected men have more chances of making the women pregnant with their sperm. ICSI, i.e. intracytoplasmic sperm injection known as microinjection may be recommended if the motile sperm count is less than five million. This is considered as the best remedy to make the men capable of fertility as far as this disease is concerned. This treatment is quite effective and provides positive results despite poor quality of the men’s sperm.  Undoubtedly, rich diets, simple exercises and yoga asana may also work wonders for the patients.

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