Menopause is a condition that is experienced by all women when they advance towards middle or elder years of age. As the name suggests, it is a condition when the menstrual cycles of women come to an end permanently. In simple words, women don’t suffer from menstrual cycles anymore with the onset of menopause. It is a stage when the reproductive period and capacity of the women comes to an end. Right from the onset of the symptoms of menopause till its completion, the entire phase is called as menopause. It is mainly caused due to age factor as a result of hormonal and physical changes going in the bodies of women.

Although the stage or phase of menopause is quite discomforting for most women however it is a normal and natural phenomenon when it happens after the age of 40. On the other hand, when women suffer from menopause or absence of menstrual cycles at an early age then it is really a matter of worry. Such type of menopause may be triggered due to multiple reasons such as damage caused to the ovaries or some other health issues. Irrelevant of the causes behind its occurrence, menopause that occurs at an early age is referred to as premature menopause.

What is the reason behind occurrence of menopause?
Menopause is chiefly caused due to hormonal and physical changes taking place in the bodies of women due to advancement in age. It is because the hormones responsible for menstruation and ovaries undergo changes and stop working. This in turn results in obstruction in the process of release of egg each month for ovulation. This in turn stops menstruation as well.

On the other hand, the causes of premature menopause are entirely different. These may vary in correspondence with the type of menopause experienced by the women.

  • Failure of the ovaries to release eggs as a result of reduced levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones due to unknown reasons is the chief cause for occurrence of premature menopause caused due to premature ovarian failure.
  • Damage to the ovaries due to radiation or chemotherapy and surgical removal of ovaries due to cancer, endometriosis or such other medical reasons is responsible for causing induced menopause.

Chief signs and symptoms of menopause
Almost all women experience similar types of symptoms of menopause. There are multiple symptoms of menopause that indicate towards its onset and occurrence in the body.

  • Women undergoing menopause experience hot flashes. It means they have a sudden feeling of warmth that spreads over the upper body and is accompanied by blushing and sweating in most of the cases. Some women may experience hot flashes mildly while some others may experience the same severely.
  • Additionally, women also suffer from irregular or skipped periods.
  • They may also exhibit mood swings i.e. extremely happy at time while extremely sad at some other times.
  • Insomnia or loss of sleep, constant feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and tiredness, stress, tension and depression plus constant headaches are also among major symptoms of menopause.
  • Some women also complain of irritable behavior, pain in muscles and joints, lack of sexual desire, rapidly beating heart, dryness in the vagina and problems in controlling the bladder movements during menopause.


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