Commonly called as vaginal discharge or white discharge, leucorrhea is a condition related to the sexual parts or organs of women. Under this condition, women suffer from the problem of discharge of thick, white and sticky fluid from their vagina which is foul-smelling in most of the cases. Although it is an upsetting condition however it is not at all serious as per medical science. It is mainly triggered due to improper hygiene of the genitals or due to some mild microbial infections in the genital organs of the body. It can be cured easily with the use of some medicines or effective herbal or home remedies. It is to be noted that normal discharge from the vagina is essential for expulsion of microbes from the genitals however discharge caused due to leucorrhea need to be treated immediately as soon as it is noticed. It is because if this condition is left untreated then it may give rise to complicated health issues.

What causes Leucorrhea in women?
As stated above, leucorrhea is mainly caused due to unhygienic conditions relevant to the genitals of women. Additionally, infections caused due to attack of parasites, bacteria, and fungi may also result in vaginal discharge. Even some sexually transmitted diseases may also be responsible for causing leucorrhea. Apart from this, this condition may be caused due to some other factors as well. These may be as given below.

  • Women who get indulged in sexual activity excessively are prone to suffer from leucorrhea.
  • Women who follow an unhealthy and improper diet and lifestyle are also at high risk of suffering from this condition. Women who take unbalanced and unhealthy diet and have some bad habits such as smoking and alcohol may also be seen suffering from this condition more often.
  • Women who depend largely on excessively cold, sweet, dense, oily and heavy foods are also prone to suffer from leucorrhea. Similarly, intake of specific foods including butter, yogurt, milk and cheese are also known to trigger and aggravate the condition.
  • Women who undergo repeated abortions or miscarriages due to certain reasons may also suffer from leucorrhea.
  • Any type of injury to the vagina due to some accidents or during pregnancy also leads to leucorrhea.
  • Women who use sprays, jellies and chemical based IUD’s are always at high risk of suffering from vaginal discharge.
  • Chief indicators of Leucorrhea

The most common and evident symptom of leucorrhea is discharge of white or yellow colored sticky and foul-smelling fluid from the vagina. The discharge is continuous which may even make women feel uncomfortable while they are outside or in social circle. On top of that, the foul or bad smell coming from this discharge may make any woman embarrassed in front of others. Most women complain of unexpected or sudden mood changes when they suffer from vaginal discharge. General body weakness and constant feeling of exhaustion and tiredness is another major symptom of this health condition. At the same time, women may also experience pain in the lumbar region and in the claves during vaginal discharge.

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