Known as Vitiligo in the medical world; Leucoderma is the particular condition of the skin that is affected with de-pigmentation. Gradual decrease in melanin results in discoloration of the skin that bears patches on the edges or the extremities. Area adjoining the mouth, nostrils, eyes, nails, fingers, umbilicus and genitals are usually affected with skin de-pigmentation.

Symptoms – White patches on the skin are the major symptoms of Leucoderma that affects the areas that are prone to sun. Lips, face, arms, feet and hands are the most affected parts of the body. Candidly the white patches may occur throughout the physique. Hair of the affected persons may become gray or white. Color of the eyes and that inside the mouth may fade away due to this problem. The patients usually become sensitive to cold and may suffer from depression or mood swings.

Causes – Leucoderma may be caused because of gastric problems or deficiency of calcium. Burns and inflammatory skin conditions may also be behind this disease. Anxiety, stress or tension may also result in Leucoderma that can be caused due to worm infestation or impaired liver function. Tight clothes and rubber gloves may also lead to this problem that may be caused due to tattoos or stickers on the skin. Perspiration disorders may also be the culprits for this problem.

Diagnosis and Treatment – The doctor may ask for the medical history of the patients and advise skin biopsy to assess absence of melanocyte cells. Newly invented herbal drug named as Lukoskin is expected to provide sufficient results for the patients. UVB photo-therapy is also the effective method of treatment for Leucoderma. It involves exposure of the affected skin to UVB light with UVB lamp. Another significant method of treating this disease is PUVA photo-therapy while transplanting melanocytes also gives good results.

Mild Leucoderma can be hidden with the help of cosmetic and make-up products. But the unaffected skin should not be exposed to sunlight or sun-tanning. De-pigmenting is also quite effective by using the topical drugs. Even color of the skin is facilitated with this method that makes the patches quite invisible. It is a time consuming process.

Home remedies can also work wonders for the patients that suffer from Leucoderma. They may apply a paste of turmeric powder by mixing some mustard oil into it. Likewise applying a paste of walnut powder on the affected skin is also helpful to say NO to white patches. Margosa leaves also give positive results to get rid of this problem. Drinking its juice thrice a day gives sufficient relief from Leucoderma.

Sticking to rich diets and simple exercises can also help to say NO to this disease. Simple lifestyles are good for the patients that should abstain from smoking or drinks. Sufficient intake of water after frequent intervals in a day is the best remedy to get rid of this disease. Say NO to spicy or oily foods. Excessive intake of salt and staying in polluted environments should be prevented to stay away from this disease.


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    Health Pack For Leucoderma


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