We are able to speak, whisper, sing or shout through larynx. It is the voice box that exists at the mouth junction & trachea and comprises of cartilage skeleton with vocal cords covered with a mucus lining. Position, tension and shape of the vocal cords can be adjusted with the muscles in the larynx. It facilitates us to make different sounds. Voice and quality of sound is affected with the changes in the flow of air that is generated by the lungs that exhale air.  

Laryngitis relates to the condition wherein the voice box gets inflamed and there is substantial loss of one’s voice. It becomes hoarse and others find difficulty to hear it. Gravel like sounds are also the symptoms of Laryngitis. Throat pain is also associated with this disorder.

Symptoms – Persons suffering from Laryngitis usually complain of loss of voice, hoarseness and throat pain. There is cold and upper respiratory infection apart from dry cough. The patients may suffer from fever and swollen lymph nodes too due to this problem. Pain with swallowing and heavy neck or throat is also its sign. Runny nose is also common. Children affected with Laryngitis usually suffer from croup and hoarse barky cough. Difficulty in swallowing and breathlessness are also the signs of this problem that may result in cough up blood-tinged saliva.

Causes – Laryngitis may occur because of infection that affects the vocal cords with inflammation. Excessive use of voice due to singing, talking or shouting may also lead to this problem. Heavy and prolonged intake of alcohol may also be the major cause of Laryngitis that can be caused due to secondhand smoke. Pollution and enhanced coughing may also be the culprits behind this disease. GERD, i.e. gastroesophageal reflux disease may also result in this problem that may attack due to strokes. Deformities of the nerves or muscles may also be behind Laryngitis. It may be caused due to chest or neck tumors too. Inflamed thyroid and diphtheria may also be the reasons for this disease.

Diagnosis and Treatment – Medical history may be gone through by the doctor to assess the disease and suggest suitable treatments. Few patients may be asked to undergo X-ray or blood tests. Laryngoscopy may be necessitated in certain cases.

Patients may be administered Dexamethasone in oral form or through intramuscular injection. Steroids including prednisolone or prednisone may be given to reduce inflammation. Use of ibuprofen and acetaminophen may give sufficient relief from pain. Affected persons are advised to stay away from alcohol and smoking that aggravate this problem. Proper rest is also a must to get rid of Laryngitis that can be reduced by talking less. Intake of sufficient fluids and patience are the best remedies to stay away from this problem.

Humidified air is much helpful for this disease that can be managed with steam. Breathing warm moist air is much useful for the patients. Cold water vaporizer is also much effective while warm water gargles also give sufficient relief. Staying away from polluted air is a must.



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