Jaundice is a condition in the body which results in discoloration of the skin, mucus membranes and the whites of eyes. All these turn to yellow color due to increased amounts of bilirubin in the blood. Rise in the level of this component of the blood due to certain reasons causes change in the color of skin and whites of eyes. According to medical science, jaundice is not a disease rather it appears as a symptom of some other health issue in the body. Bilirubin is metabolized or oxidized so as to excrete it in the form of bile. And this task is performed by the liver.

Due to malfunctioning of the liver, this task is not accomplished well which in turn results in increase in the level of bilirubin in the blood. Ultimately, the condition of jaundice arises in the body.  The condition of jaundice may be found in people of all ages and sexes. Even newborn babies are prone to suffer from this condition. Due to occurrence of jaundice, the concerned person may also suffer from problems in almost all the functions performed by the liver. These may include metabolism of fats, keeping a check over cholesterol level in the blood and detoxification of the blood so as to remove toxins and other wastes from it.

What are the possible causes of Jaundice?
Like other physical conditions, jaundice may also be triggered due to various causative agents or factors.

a) People who consume alcohol unrestrictedly are definitely prone to suffer from jaundice. It is because alcohol consumption interferes with normal working of the liver which in turn results in increase in the level of bilirubin.
b) People who remain physically inactive are also at high risk of suffering from jaundice.
c) On the other hand, unlimited physical activity is equally responsible for causing jaundice.
d) People who have the habit of sleeping during daytime are also prone to suffer from jaundice.
e) People who suffer from mental stress, tension, depression, anxiousness, fear or lust are also seen suffering from jaundice.
f) Intake of certain food items including highly greasy, oily, heavy, indigestible, penetrating, very hot, salty and alkaline foods is also known to trigger the condition of jaundice.
g) People who indulge in sexual activity excessively may also suffer from jaundice.
h) Additionally, people who suppress their natural urges such as urination, passage of stools and sneezing are also at high risk of suffering from this health issue.

Jaundice characteristics
The condition of jaundice is characterized by multiple signs and symptoms including discoloration of the skin, mucus membranes and whites of eyes to yellow color, itching of the skin, dark colored urine but light colored stools and pain in the abdomen. Additionally, there may be feelings of nausea, vomiting, confusion, loss of appetite and fever. The patient also experiences physical weakness, headache, and swelling in the legs and the abdomen. It is all due to the reason that liver doesn’t perform its functions properly which in turn causes all these symptoms to appear in the body.

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