Known as high blood pressure or silent disease, Hypertension is the increased force of blood that pushes up against the blood vessel walls. Our heart has to pump the blood with greater force due to this enhanced pressure. This condition is called as Hypertension under which the arteries experience persistent elevated blood pressure. The usual level for blood pressure is below 120/80, i.e. the maximum and minimum pressure in the arteries. People suffering from hypertension due to unknown reasons are said to be affected with Essential or Primary hypertension while Secondary hypertension refers to the one that occurs due to certain direct causes including tumors, kidney problems or birth control pills. Large sections of the society fall victim to hypertension.

Symptoms – Many people affected with hypertension usually do not know it. As such regular checkup is a must. Persons affected with this problem may suffer from confusion or fatigue or both. Severe headaches are also the symptoms of hypertension while many patients may have reduced eye sight. Breathlessness and chest pain are also the signs of this problem. Few patients may be affected with unusual heartbeat while blood in the urine may also be the sign of hypertension. Many sufferers of hypertension may have pounding in the ears, neck or chest.

Causes – Several factors are responsible for hypertension. It may be caused due to obesity. Fat people are more prone to this disease that may occur due to extra fat. Those in the habit of heavy drinks also fall victim to hypertension. Family history and tobacco is also the major culprit behind hypertension. Diseases including diabetes are also responsible for hypertension. Inactivity also affects the persons with this disease. Taking excessive salt in the diets and deficiency of vitamin D are also behind this disease. It may be caused due to stress and aging. Elder people are more vulnerable to hypertension that must be treated in time.

Diagnosis and Treatment – The doctor uses sphygmomanometer to measure the pressure of blood. Patients are advised to take beta-blockers to reduce the blood pressure. Calcium channel blockers may also be quite effective. Movement of calcium into the heart cells and blood vessel walls is slowed with these drugs. As such the heart pumps the blood in easy manners and widens the blood vessels. Likewise ACE Inhibitors also expand and dilate the blood vessels. Thus there is great improvement in the flow of blood and its pressure is reduced. Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) is another effective drug for reducing blood pressure. The doctors may recommend Diuretics also called as water pills that are helpful in saying NO to unwanted water and salt. It is the best drug to eliminate these two substances and reduce blood pressure. As such the heart is enabled to pump the blood in easy manners. Omega-3 fish oil supplements are also helpful for the people suffering from high blood pressure. Simple rich foods, exercises, yoga asana, long walks and physical work are the best methods to manage one’s high blood pressure, i.e. Hypertension. 

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