Our food is digested with the help of Hydrochloric Acid that breaks it down into smaller digestible pieces. This acid is secreted by the stomach. Many times this acid goes beyond the requisite levels and results in excessive amount. It is called as Hyperacidity.

Symptoms – Those affected with hyperacidity usually suffer from restlessness and nausea. Sore belching is also common amongst the people that suffer from this ailment. Their stomach may become stiff and lack of appetite is another sign of this problem. Indigestion and constipation are also the symptoms of hyperacidity.

Causes – Hyperacidity may be caused due to improper foods that aggravate Pitta Dosha. Likewise spicy or sour foods may be responsible for this problem to occur. White sugar or white flour products may also be behind this disease. Persons that take tea, alcohol and coffee etc in excessive manners are liable to suffer from hyperacidity. Smoking may also result in this problem that may be caused due to indigestion. Many people suppress the urges of urination and stool. Such suppressions may also be behind hyperacidity that may occur because of day time sleeping after taking meals. Stress, hunger and anger may also result in hyperacidity that is common amongst the people that sleep late. Gastro duodenal ulcer and excessive exposure to heat and sun may also be the major causes of hyperacidity.

Treatment – The doctors recommend use of pro-kinetic extracts that help to empty the stomach in easy manners. Shedding extra fat is also suggested as it helps to get rid of this problem. Eating small quantities of food many times a day is helpful rather than taking heavy meals. Proper chewing of the food is also a must to stay away from hyperacidity. Wearing tight dresses is harmful for us and it should be avoided. Head-end of the bed may be elevated to say NO to hyperacidity.

Those suffering from hyperacidity should stay away from carbonated beverages. Use of alcohol should be minimized. Likewise coffee and should also be taken in moderate manners. Fermented and processed foods should be kept at a distance. Ginger, garlic, tomatoes, onions and vinegar should also be avoided. Spicy foods and rich gravies should be minimized. Sour or salty foods should also be avoided by the patients. Curd should never be taken at night as it aggravates the problem. Green leafy vegetables, fruits and other fluids are good for the patients that suffer from hyperacidity.

A perfect blend of basil leaves, licorice root, powdered fennel and coriander seeds may be taken before the meals. It helps to get rid of hyperacidity and its ill effects. Similarly green cardamom, fennel and rock candy may be mixed in cold milk and be taken to say No to this disease. Acidity can be reduced in a big way by taking some jiggery after the meals. One should take his or her meals in cool environment and after fixed timings. Simple exercises and yoga asana are also much helpful for saying NO to hyperacidity that may cause complications.


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