Bad breath or foul smell coming from the mouth is a common problem that is faced by large numbers of people across the globe. In medical science, this condition is referred to as halitosis. In most of the cases, the condition of halitosis arises due to poor hygiene or improper care of the oral parts. The problem of bad breath or halitosis may make anyone anxious in the social circle due to the reason that it makes anyone feel embarrassed in front of others. Apart from this, it may also be a warning sign or indicator of poor health or some underlying health issues related to the oral/dental parts or even digestive system.

The condition worsens with the intake of specific foods that produce bad breath. As an instance, intake of raw garlic or onion may cause the problem of bad breath. It is because all foods are passed onto the lungs via bloodstream after these are broken down and absorbed in the body. This in turn results in foul smell coming from your breath. Additionally certain habits such as smoking or tobacco chewing may also be the reason for occurrence of halitosis.

Medically, occasional halitosis that is caused due to intake of certain foods is not considered to be serious problems. But people suffering from this problem more often and constantly need to get the same cured from the experts in the relevant field. It is because such a condition may be produced due to some health issues related to mouth or the digestive system.

What causes halitosis?

  • Halitosis or problem of bad breath may be caused due to multiple reasons. Some of the chief factors that may be held responsible for causing this problem may include-
  • Intake of specific foods such as garlic, onions, spices etc. in your diet cause halitosis. It is because these food items are known to cause bad breath after being taken by the bloodstream to the lungs. Leftover of food items in the teeth result in bacterial action and hence halitosis.
  • People who smoke or use tobacco products excessively also suffer from bad breath due to gum diseases.
  • Excessive dryness of the mouth results in lesser production of saliva which in turn leads to bad breath or halitosis. It is due to improper cleansing action of the insufficient saliva in the mouth.
  • Infections caused in the mouth due to gum diseases, mouth sores, tooth decay or oral surgeries are other major causes for occurrence of halitosis.
  • People who don’t take proper care of oral hygiene suffer from halitosis. It is due to formation of a sticky layer of plaque or bacteria on the teeth, gums and tongue and hence cause bad breath.
  • Use of certain medicines may also sometimes cause bad breath. It is due to strong odor of the medicines or the excessive dryness caused in the mouth due to the same.
  • Apart from this, bad breath from the mouth may also be caused due to formation of small stones inside the tonsils, nasal infections, and inflammatory conditions in the nose, sinuses or postnasal drip.

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