Gout may be described as a composite arthritis that affects the joints with swelling, stiffness and burning & painful sensations. These attacks may be sudden and sever with reddened and tender joints, particularly at the big toe. Men are more prone to this disorder while the women may get it after menopause. Gout may affect tendons, joints and other tissues too. The affected joints become too sensitive.

Symptoms – Patients affected with Gout usually suffer from acute pain in their joints. Generally the big toe is the most affected part but hands, knees, wrists and ankles are also no exception to its ill effects. Severe pain may last for about twelve hours, followed by discomfort in the joints that may continue for few days or weeks. More joints may also come in the grip of pain for prolonged periods. Joints may become red, warm, tender and swollen apart from decrease in their mobility.

Causes – Deposits of urate crystals in the joints because of increased uric acid in the blood result in inflammation and pain that lead to Gout. Certain foods including seafood, organ meats and steak etc are responsible for production of uric acid. Alcoholic beverages like beer and drinks with fructose may also be behind this problem. Buildup of uric acid results in sharp needle-like urate crystals that lead to inflammation, swelling and pain in the joints. Age, sex, certain diets and inactivity may result in gout. Those suffering from overweight are also likely to develop gout. Family history and certain medications including thiazide diuretics and low-dose aspirin may result in high levels of uric acid. Trauma or recent surgery may also cause this problem.

Diagnosis – The doctor may conduct blood test, X-Ray imaging test, ultrasound, dual energy CT scan or joint fluid test to examine uric acid.

Treatments – Timely treatment of Gout is a must otherwise it may lead to complications including advanced stages or kidney stones. The doctor may recommend NSAIDs like naproxen sodium, ibuprofen, celecoxib or indomethacin etc. Doctor should be consulted about the possible ill effects of such medications that include ulcers, bleeding or stomach pain. Patients may be advised to take colchicines too. Corticosteroids are also suggested for few patients that suffer from Gout. It is available in the form of pills or may be got injected. They are associated with side effects including blood sugar, blood pressure and mood changes etc.

Gout can be prevented with Xanthine oxidase inhibitors like Allopurinol or Febuxostat etc. Levels of uric acid can be lowered with their use. Patients should be aware of their side effects that include low blood counts, rash, nausea and lowered functioning of the liver. Uric acid can be removed in effective manners by strengthening the kidneys with Probenecid. But it may also cause stomach pain and rashes.  

Patients suffering from gout should take alcoholic beverages in limited quantities. Simple water is good while organ meats, red meat and seafood are harmful. Regular exercises and saying NO to extra fat are much helpful while inactivity may aggravate this problem.


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