Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disorder that may occur because of unsafe sex. Oral, anal or vaginal sex may also lead to this disorder that may be caused due to sex with multiple sex partners. Sexual contact with infected persons is also the major cause of Gonorrhea. Infected mothers may pass this disease on to their offspring.

Symptoms – Both sexes are prone to Gonorrhea. Women affected with this problem usually suffer from whitish or greenish yellow discharge from vagina. They may suffer from bleeding during their periods. Swelling of their vulva is also its sign

Men suffering from gonorrhea may be affected with whitish or greenish yellow discharge from the pennies.

Lower abdominal pain is also quite common amongst the men and the women that are affected with Gonorrhea. Burning sensations during urination and conjunctivitis are also its symptoms. Burning in the throat or swollen glands are also the signs of Gonorrhea. Fever and painful sensations while getting engaged in sexual intercourse are also the symptoms of Gonorrhea in the men and the women.

Causes - Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the bacterium with an easy growth and multiplication in the body mucus membranes is majorly responsible for this disease. The warm moist areas of the womb-opening, womb and egg canals in the women are home to such bacteria. Likewise urethra in both sexes is also the shelter-houses for such bacterium that are the culprits behind Gonorrhea. It can grow in the anus, throat and the mouth too. The symptoms usually occur within two to ten days or it may take about one month for them to get exhibited after exposure. It may be noted that Gonorrhea, the infectious disease is quite common amongst many parts of the world.

Diagnosis – The doctor usually takes a sample of fluid from the urethra and cervix respectively from the men and women. Throat and anal cultures may also be required for test in the lab to examine existence of bacteria.  Urine and other tests may also be necessitated.

Treatment – Oral or injectable antibiotics may be administered to the patients. The doctors usually advise both the sex-partners to undergo treatment even if one of them is affected with Gonorrhea. The patients should take the antibiotics in full even when conditions improve. Medications of other persons should not be taken as it may be susceptible to difficulty in treatment

The affected persons are advised to stay away from sex with multiple sex-partners. Use of condom is advised when going for sex with unknown sex-partners. Unprotected sex and illegal drugs should be avoided. Not being treated causes many complications and permanent disorders in both sexes. Women may suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease or even fertility if they do not get treated. Pregnant women may suffer from spontaneous abortion or premature delivery if they are not treated for Gonorrhea. The disease may spread to the offspring too. Men may be affected with epididymitis if they do not go for treatment. AIDS may also occur if proper treatment is not sought for Gonorrhea.

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