Frigidity is a condition relevant to the sexual life of human beings under which the sufferer faces the problem of lack of sexual desire or sexual arousal. It is due to hormonal and physical changes taking place in the bodies of people due to advancement in age or certain other factors. This condition may be found in both the genders i.e. men and women. Although it is a problem related to the physical aspect of human body however it is deeply connected with the psychological as well as mental aspect of human body as well. It is because dissatisfaction or disappointment in terms of sexual pleasure results in certain negative mental states, thoughts and feelings. Consequently, the personal and intimate relations of the concerned couple are affected adversely.

The condition of frigidity that arises due to advancement in age is normal however when frigidity occurs at a young age then it is really a matter of concern. There are some specific reasons for occurrence of frigidity at young age. People suffering from frigidity may experience different types of problems relevant to their sexual lives. These may include inability or problems in experiencing a sexual response of any kind, achievement of sexual arousal with great difficulty and inability to achieve orgasm.

Triggering factors for Frigidity

As mentioned above, frigidity may be caused due to age-related factors, hormonal imbalance or changes occurring in the body or due to some other reasons. The major reasons for occurrence of frigidity are given below.

As far as women are concerned, they may suffer from frigidity due to certain situational factors including pregnancy, lactation, menopause, menstrual cycles, use of birth control pills and post natal periods. It is due to the reason that women undergo physical as well as hormonal changes in their bodies during all these phases of life which in turn results in coldness towards sexual activity or lack of sexual desire. Even these factors affect the psychological set-up of women due to which they abstain or refrain from sexual activity.

On the other hand, there are certain other factors that may be responsible for causing frigidity in people of both the sexes. These may include sexual abuse in the past life or guilt feeling in the past life, any type of injury to the pelvic region, feeling of fear of pain during intercourse, mental stress, tension, depression and anxiousness and irregularity of sexual activity between sex partners. All these factors lead to suppression of the natural urge for sex and hence result in frigidity.

How is frigidity confirmed?

There are no specific signs and symptoms of frigidity. It can be noticed by the two sex partners only. It can be confirmed from the very fact that the sufferer doesn’t take part fully in the sexual activity and may suffer from lack of sexual desire or arousal. Although he/she may take active part in this essential activity of life however he/she may not be able to satisfy his/her sex partner completely. Sometimes, there is partial or complete absence of sexual drive in the sufferer due to frigidity.


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