Out of numerous digestive conditions, flatulence is also a condition that is found commonly in large numbers of people across the globe. Medically, flatulence is a term used to refer to the process of releasing gas from the digestive system via anus. The condition arises when gas collects inside the digestive system and starts causing discomfort.

In order to relieve this gas from the stomach, it is passed out of the body via anus. Other terms used to refer to this condition are farting, gas, passing of wind. It is to be noted that gas collects inside the stomach or digestive system in two ways. It may be collected in the digestive tract through the process of swallowing air while talking, eating and drinking. On the other hand, certain gases are released inside the stomach itself during the process of digestion.

The condition of flatulence may arise through any of these methods of gas collection. The major factor responsible for occurrence of flatulence is incomplete digestion of the foods consumed by the body. Although it is not a serious health issue however it is discomforting as well as embarrassing. It is because passing out wind while in social circle may make anyone embarrassed.

Triggering factors-Flatulence can be caused in the human body due to numbers of factors. These may include intake of heavy and indigestible foods that remain inside the stomach for long time. This in turn gives rise to bacterial growth that acts on the undigested foods and then produces gas. People who depend largely on oily, greasy and heavy foods are definitely prone to suffer from this condition. At the same time, lack of physical activity or leading a sedentary lifestyle is another common reason for occurrence of flatulence.

Smoking and alcohol consumption may also cause flatulence. Use of certain medicines or drugs such as antibiotics or medicines used for rheumatoid arthritis or such other serious conditions also tend to produce gas in the stomach. People who don’t chew their foods properly and take meals at improper times are also prone to suffer from flatulence.

Lack of proper rest and sleep also interferes with normal functioning of the digestive system and causes gaseousness. Chronic constipation is also one of the major factors for causing flatulence. It is because presence of wastes in the body gives rise to gas formation which in turn leads to flatulence.

Signs and symptoms of flatulence
Releasing gas or passing wind frequently is a clear indicator of the condition of flatulence. Additionally, the person suffering from flatulence may also suffer from abdominal pain, abdominal heaviness, nausea, vomiting, headache and loss of appetite.

Flatulence prevention-Following a healthy diet and lifestyle definitely helps in getting rid of flatulence in a natural way. You must drink plenty of water and other liquids so as to flush out toxins from the body. Also incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to supply enough or sufficient roughage to the digestive system. Carrying out physical activity is equally important to relieve the problem of flatulence.

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