Fatigue may be termed as requirement of strength and motivation in terms of one’s physical as well as mental powers. It is not drowsiness. Fatigue is not any disease but a symptom of an underlying disease.

Symptoms – Those affected with fatigue usually complain of general tiredness. Patients of heart or lung diseases may suffer from breathlessness while the diabetic patients may complain of excessive urination or thirst etc. Likewise those suffering from hypothyroidism may have brittle hair, dry skin or cold. Fatigued persons usually lack the ability or motivation to go ahead with any task or get involved in any activity. They lose control over their memory and concentration. Quick tiredness after any activity is also the sign of fatigue.

Causes – Shortness of sleep is one of the major causes of fatigue. It may make the persons exhausted. One’s age is also responsible for this cause. Elder people require less sleeping hours as compared to the adults and children. Improper food or bad eating habits may also result in fatigue. Insufficient quantity of red blood cells, i.e. anaemia may also lead to this problem. Underactive thyroid may also be the culprit for fatigue that can be caused due to urinary tract infections too. Diabetes, heart diseases, depression and glandular fever may also be responsible for this problem. Allergy to certain foods may also lead to this disease.

Diagnosis – The health care professional usually goes through the medical history of the exhausted persons. He or she questions about the relevant problems like loss of hair, sleep disorders or other such ill effects that may lead to fatigue. The patients may be asked about the frequency of fatigue or the conditions when it gets reduced. The underlying causes of the disease are found out with a full physical examination of the patient. Tests for fatigue include CBC, X-rays, CPK or ESR screening tests etc. CT scans or ECG may also be necessary.

Treatment – Apt treatment of fatigue depends much upon the underlying causes. It may be psychological, physical or a combination of both. The doctors usually advise the patients to get rid of the underlying causes rather than taking any particular medicines. Healthy diets are recommended that help to improve the level of red blood cells that are a must to keep us fit. Any shortage in this regard is the major cause of fatigue. Likewise treatment of other diseases may also prevent fatigue. Diabetic patients are suggested to get it treated with apt medicines and say NO to fatigue. Meditation and simple exercises including yoga asana and long walks are also much helpful to get rid of fatigue. Getting enough sleep may also solve the problem to great extent. Abstinence from smoking, alcohol and stress is the best way to remain active.

Healthy foods, avoiding stress and exercising are the best methods to keep fatigue at greater distance. Simple lifestyles and positive thoughts are the keys to pleasure, satisfaction and relief from fatigue. Remaining active also helps to say NO to this problem.


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