Human physique consists of various cells. The requisite new cells form and replace the dying ones. Many times growth of new cells without any specific need and existence of the unwanted old cells results in a mass known as a tumor that could be benign or malignant. The latter type of tumors is cancer and can affect the surrounding tissues in adverse manners apart from spreading to other body parts. Spread of this ailment is known as metastasis. Different types of cancer, i.e. lung cancer, breast cancer or blood cancer refers to particular part of the body that is affected with the disease.  

Symptoms – Few patients may suffer from lump on the testicle or the breast. Likewise change in a wart or mole on the skin is the sign of skin cancer. Oral cancer may be recognized with the white patches that usually exist in the mouth or the white spots on the tongue. Few cancers may not exhibit any physical symptoms. Colon cancers may result in diarrhea, constipation or changes in the stool. Unusual urination may be the sign of bladder prostate cancer.  Seizures, headaches or vertigo could be signs of brain cancer.

Patients affected with cancer usually suffer from defective digestive track because the tumors may affect it adversely. Likewise the nervous system may also function in improper manners because of cancer. Circulatory system may also be affected due to cancer. Damage to the healthy tissues known as invasion is also the common symptom of cancer. Likewise division and growth of the cells is also quite common.

Causes – Cancer may be caused due to genetic disorders. Certain genetic mutations or fault in the gene may result to this disease. Different viruses may also be behind this disease. Epstein-Barr virus may lead to childhood cancer while hepatitis B & C may be behind liver cancer. This disease may develop because of HIV that weakens the immune system. Undesired growth of cells often results in cancer. Likewise survival of the unwanted cells also leads to this ailment. Thus accumulation of the unnecessary cells is behind cancer that may occur because of unusual existence of the cells in the body. Many times the cells do not die in usual manners, i.e. apoptosis. This condition is also responsible for cancer to occur. Mass of unusual cells in the body causes their excessive and unwanted existence those results in this disease.

Treatment – The doctors usually conduct CT scans, X-rays, MRI scans, ultrasound scans or PET scans to assess the exact causes. Endoscopy may also be suggested for examining any abnormality in the body. Biopsy is also conducted to extract the cancer cells with the help of a microscope. Molecular diagnostic tests are also conducted. Different treatment methods for treatment of cancer are suggested by the doctors. The patients may be advised to undergo chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Few persons may be asked to adopt biologic or hormone therapy while the stem cell transplantation method may also suit many patients. Doctor’s consent is a must to go in for any particular method.


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