Anxiety disorders refer to different types of mental states such as stress, tension, depression, anxiousness and nervousness from which a person suffers due to multiple reasons. Since all these are negative mental states therefore these have an adverse effect on the mental as well as physical aspect of human body. Even the sufferer is disturbed emotionally as well due to anxiety disorders. It is due to the reason that all the systems or aspects of human body are inter-related or inter-connected. And brain or mind is the supreme power or commander that controls all the physical, mental as well as psychological functions. Haunting of the brain with such mental states in the form of anxiety disorders casts a negative impact on the entire body health. Medically, anxiety disorders are believed to be quite dangerous as these may prove to be life-threatening at times.

Why do anxiety disorders occur?
There is not a single reason for occurrence of anxiety disorders. Rather multiple factors may be individually or combined held responsible for occurrence of anxiety disorders. Some of the chief factors responsible for causing anxiety disorders include lack of some essential nutrients in the diet, lack of proper rest and sleep, some tragedy or trauma in life, financial crisis, broken affairs, injury to the brain, genetic factors, unique composition or construction of the brain, specific chemical composition inside the brain, advancing age etc.

Symptoms- Anxiety disorders are characterized by some common signs and symptoms such as lack of sleep and rest, restlessness, anxiousness, nervousness, feelings of unhappiness, sadness, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, lack of concentration, weakness of memory, social isolation etc.

Prevention of anxiety disorders
As stated above, anxiety disorders have a negative effect on the overall body health. Therefore it is very important to prevent occurrence of the same. By paying attention to some common points relevant to diet, lifestyle and some habits, anxiety disorders can be prevented from occurring in the body. Here are some ways to do so.

  • The foremost point worth considering in this regard is to consume a healthy, well-balanced and nutritious diet so that no problems may occur in the working mechanism of the brain. For this, you need to consume, fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, milk, whole grains, nuts etc. All these help in supplying all the essential nutrients to the brain which in turn promotes its good health in all respects.
  • Drinking plenty of water is known to have an amazing stress-relieving effect on the mind. It also helps in keeping body free of any harmful chemicals, wastes or such other toxins that may interfere with normal working of the brain.
  • Carry out exercises regularly as it also helps in keeping mind free of stress, tension, depression etc. Blood flow to the brain is improved which in turn improves memory and concentration. Yoga and meditation are best in this regard as these help in keeping a person free of any mental stress, tension, depression, anxiousness etc. At the same time, working capacity of the brain is also improved to great deal.

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