Raktashodhani (Pack of 2)

Raktashodhani (Pack of 2)

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Many diseases are related to our blood that is often affected with impurities. Accumulation of harmful elements in the blood harms the physique.  It is a dangerous condition and must be tackled with apt medications. People take different medicines for this purpose. Ayurvedic System of Medicine finds out the nature of the impurities that often affect our blood in adverse manners. Suitable medicines as per ayurvedic principles are suggested to eliminate the toxins.

Raktashodhini Vati, an amazing and effective medicine has been introduced by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji to get rid of this problem. It is a wonderful medicine made available to the people through Sri Sri Ayurveda trust that prepares varied medicines for different problems. Based in Bangalore and functioning through its various branches in India and the foreign countries too, this ayurvedic centre is a source of ayurvedic knowledge for the aspirants across the globe.

Raktashodhini Vati is meant to purify the blood and maintain its wholesomeness by flushing out the toxins or foreign substances. It is helpful to get rid of the disorders related to our blood and skin.

Ingredients - Aragvadha, Bakuchi, Haridra, Khadira sara, Katukarohini, Krishna Shariva, Manjishta, Nimba, Rakta chandana, Ushira and Vidanga. Mixed in suitable proportions, these ingredients result in useful medicine for treatment of varied disorders. Many persons have been treated with this wonderful medication that has become the preferred choice to cure different diseases.

Benefits – As the name suggests, Raktashodhini Vati is beneficial for purifying the blood and clear it from various toxins. Its unique advantages are listed as under:

  • Blood purifier - Blood is the major constituent of our physique. Raktashodhini Vati acts as an effective cleanser and helps to purify it. It helps to remove the toxins and foreign substances from our blood that runs through the whole body. Thus it provides a strong shelter to our physique by saving it from the poisonous elements that often get mixed into our blood. We all should take this medicine even if we are not suffering from any disease. It will help us to keep them at bay.
  • Relief from pain – The herbal components of this herb save us from painful sensations due to any reason. Let it be any injury or other problem, we suffer from pain that can be got rid of with it.
  • Joint pains and rheumatoid arthritis - Raktashodhini Vati helps to prevent these two problems that often attack the persons regardless of their age or sex. These two disorders cause acute pain that can be avoided by taking this wonderful medicine in regular manners.
  • Skin Problems – People often suffer from skin disorders due to accumulation of some toxins in the blood. As stated above, Raktashodhini Vati protects the blood from any impurities or toxins that is good for our skin. All of us must have it to stay away from skin or blood related disorders.
  • Itching – We see many people that scratch different parts of their physique after frequent intervals because of itching problems. This is also due to blood impurities. It can be treated by taking Raktashodhini Vati that fights allergies and infections.

Dosage – Good results can be obtained by taking this medicine after each meal. Recommended dosage is two tablets twice a day.

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