Pranda gutika (Pack of 2)

Pranda gutika (Pack of 2)

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Pranda Gutika

Treatment of different diseases requires apt medicines that are able to benefit the patients and enable them to get rid of the relevant disorders. Ayurvedic System of Medicine finds out the exact causes of the ailments and then suggests suitable medicines that are prepared from herbal ingredients that are free from any harmful elements. As such, the ayurvedic medicines do not harm the patients in any manner. Demand and popularity of these medications has increased manifold. Large numbers of people throughout the world now prefer to avail of the ayurvedic treatments rather than sticking to the conventional medicines.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has done a great welfare job for the people by setting up Sri Sri Ayurvedic trust in Bangalore. With its various branches in different parts of the country and across the borders; this centre facilitates ayurvedic medicines for all types of diseases. Knowledge about principles of Ayurveda is also provided to the people.

Pranda Gutika is also one of such ayurvedic medicines that are prepared by Sri |Sri Ayurveda. With its extraordinary features this amazing medication provides relief from different physical disorders. Prepared with jiggery or sugar base, this medicine is useful for the people that suffer from fever, piles and respiratory conditions etc.

Ingredient - Pranda Gutika is prepared by mixing the following constituents in appropriate proportions:

Abies webbiana leaves, Chavya Piper chaba, Chaturjat, Ela Elettaria cardamomum, Jaggery or sugar, Nagkesara Mesua ferrea, Pipplamool Piper longum roots, Trikatu and TalispatraTwak Cinnamon.  

All these components are first converted into fine powder by grinding them, followed by preparation of tablets. Jaggery or sugar is also mixed.

Advantages - Pranda Gutika is beneficial as under:

  • Fever and Rhinitis - With its anti malarial features; this medicine facilitates excellent results for fever and rhinitis. People suffering from these problems should take it regularly.
  • Piles – This is a great fighter to combat piles.
  • Respiratory conditions – These problems can also be checked with its use. Regular use gives excellent results.
  • Indigestion and constipation – It acts as a powerful tonic for the digestive system. Disorders are set aright by taking this medicine on regular basis. Constipation and gastric problems can also be controlled with its use.
  • Alcoholism – Ill effects of this evil can be treated by taking it.
  • Bronchitis – This physical problem can be got rid of with its use.
  • Cough and cold – Anybody suffering from this problem is advised to take Pranda Gutika in even manners.
  • Hemorrhoids – It is a warrior to defeat the bleeding as well as non bleeding hemorrhoids.
  • Measles – The contents of ‘quassia excels’ help to get rid of measles and diarrhea etc.
  • Tridosha – It helps to balance kapha and vata.
  • The anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, insecticidal and anathelmintic features of Pranda Gutika are useful in fighting different diseases. 

Dosage – One or two tablets before meals, once or twice a day.

Care – Diabetic patients should take it by consulting the doctor because this medicine contains sugar or jiggery as one of the ingredients. Excessive dosages should be avoided as it may lead to acidity. It should be stored in cool dry place and children’s access should be avoided.

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