Package of Medicine For Cervical Spondylitis/Backache

Package of Medicine For Cervical Spondylitis/Backache

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Cervical Spondylitis/Backache

Cervical spondylitis and backache or back pain are the common problems which are faced by many people in day-to-day life. Although these problems are common in old age however even youngsters may be seen suffering from these problems. Cervical spondylitis refers to the inflammation of the cervical vertebrae which results in pain and stiffness of the neck. It is caused due to degenerative changes which are caused in the cervical vertebrae. This problem is mainly caused due to wrong posture of the neck and back and prolonged sitting in the same position which leads to fatigue and exhaustion in the neck muscles. Even the pain extends to arm and downwards in the back. This results in back pain in the end. Due to weakness of the muscles and bones in the advancing age, these problems are common among elderly but youngsters mainly suffer from this problem due to inactive lifestyle and improper eating habits.

Causes of Cervical sponylitis and backache

Although cervical spondylitis may be caused due to weakness of the muscles and bones in old age however there are other factors as well which results in this condition.

Excessive use of neck and back in the same position

Prolonged sitting in the same posture

Improper posture of the neck and back while sitting

Imbalanced diet

Lack of physical activity

Genetic factors

What are the Symptoms of cervical spondylitis/backache?

There are multiple symptoms which may be considered to confirm the problem of cervical spondylitis and backache.

Pain and stiffness in the back and neck

Numbness of the hands and arms as a result of compression of some nerve of the neck

Inability to stand for long time due to instability

Vertigo or dizziness as a result of the pain in the neck

Weakness of the legs

Inability to walk long distances and trembling of the legs even after walking short distances

Difficulty in carrying out routine activities

Difficulty in driving

Herbal remedies for cervical spondylitis and back pain

In the conventional medical system, patients are mostly given non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which may offer instant relief from pain, inflammation and stiffness of the neck and back. But only few people know that these have harmful effects on vital organs of body when used in long run. Only herbal remedies or medicines work best in this regard as these are completely safe and efficient too.

Divya Pravala Pisti

Due to presence of anti-inflammatory properties in this herbal formula, it offers fast relief from pain and inflammation in the neck and back.  It relieves contractions in these two parts of the body. It energizes the cells of muscles and bones thereby making them efficient enough to carry out routine activities effectively.

Divya Chandraprabha vati

It offers the required strength to the muscles and nerves so that they may perform their respective functions effectively and efficiently. It is the best known formula for providing relief from pain and inflammation in the back and neck.

Divya Ekangaveer Rasa

It is very good remedy as it helps in providing rapid and effective relief from pain, stiffness and inflammation in the neck and back. It nourishes the neck and back thereby making them to perform their respective tasks efficiently.

Divya Brihad vat Chintamani Ras

It strengthens the neck and back and also helps in alleviation of the pain and stiffness of the muscles in neck and back. Even it may be used for long time to get relieved of the symptoms of cervical spondylitis and back pain completely.

Divya Trayodashang Guggulu

It is a very beneficial herbal remedy for back pain and cervical spondylitis. It nourishes the neck and back muscles and at the same time enhances supply of oxygen and blood to these parts so that feeling of numbness and tingling may be reduced. This action also offers relief from pain and stiffness in these two parts.

Divya Swarna Maksika bhasm

It helps in reducing pain, inflammation, and stiffness in the neck and back. Also it supplies all the essential nutrients required by the neck and back for their proper working.

Preventative measures for cervical spondylitis and back pain

One should take a balanced diet so that all the nutrients required for back and neck are also incorporated in the diet.

Drink plenty of water to remove toxins from the body as these are also responsible to some extent for problems in neck and back.

One should also avoid sitting or standing the same posture for long time as it leads to distortion of the normal posture of the back and neck. Also the muscles of neck and back are weakened due to this action.

Regular exercises or any types of physical activities which involve movement of all the parts of the body help in prevention of these problems to significant extent.



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