Package For High Blood Pressure

Package For High Blood Pressure

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High Blood Pressure

It is well-known that heart is the organ of the body which is responsible for supplying blood to all the body parts. This work is done through the mode of arteries and veins connected to the heart and the body parts. Normal pressure of blood is required to maintain normal flow of blood to all the body parts and to the heart as well. However, due to some internal problems such as high cholesterol, the pressure of blood increases. And this condition is called as high blood pressure. It is in fact a serious condition which may even lead to heart attack and ultimately death of a person. Hardening and narrowing of the arteries is mainly responsible for this condition. Due to hardening of the arteries, the pressure of blood in the arteries increases and this condition is called as high blood pressure.  Apart from this, age factor is also responsible for causing high blood pressure. Since high blood pressure is a severe condition therefore it is very important to get it treated well-in-time.

High blood pressure is of two types- essential hypertension and secondary hypertension. The first condition occurs when there are no known causes of high blood pressure. On the other hand, Secondary hypertension is caused due to some known factors. Some risk factors associated with the health of a person are responsible for causing secondary hypertension and high blood pressure. Age, sex, family history of the problem and race are some common factors which play an important role in causing high blood pressure. It is found equally in men as well as women.

What are the major reasons for high blood pressure?

Some of the important and common factors responsible for causing high blood pressure are as mentioned below.

·       Constant Smoking

·       Lack of physical activity or sedentary lifestyle

·       Advancement in the age

·       Excessive consumption of alcohol

·       Obesity or excessive weight

·       Excessive intake of salt in the diet

·       Excessive mental and physical stress

·       Genetic factors or family history of the disease

·       Lack of sleep and proper rest

·       Some other health problems such as thyroid diseases, kidney problems, adrenal insufficiency

·       High cholesterol level

Major important symptoms of high blood pressure

Common symptoms of high blood pressure are as follows.

Nausea and vomiting

Redness of the eyes

Heaviness of the head and dizziness


Pain in the eyes

Numbness of the extremities

Chest pain

Cold sweat on the forehead and all over the body

Coldness of the feet

Herbal remedies for High blood pressure

Conventional remedies undoubtedly offer quick relief from the problem of high blood pressure and may help in controlling it to great extent however these have their own side-effects on the body. There is another good option to treat and control high blood pressure. It is available in the form of herbal remedies. These are very beneficial and important in the treatment and prevention of high blood pressure. Also these are completely safe and effective too. No side-effects are produced by these herbal or natural remedies on the health of a person. 

Divya Punarvadi Mandur

It is in fact a very good formula for hypertension. It helps in providing great relief from the problem of high blood pressure and its symptoms quickly and effectively. It is best for those who suffer from attacks of high blood pressure frequently as it maintains normal pressure of the blood. At the same time, it proves to be a safe mode of treatment of high blood pressure as it doesn’t lead to any side-effects on the body.

Diva Mukta Vati

It is again an effective and wonderful formula for high blood pressure. It alleviates the severity of the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure very effectively.  It also improves supply of blood to all the body parts and the heart too. It helps in reducing the pressure of flow of blood in the arteries. It is equally beneficial for other disorders or diseases related to the heart. It nourishes the heart and its muscles so as to maintain and promote their normal functions.   

Precautions for prevention of high blood pressure

People who are at the risk of developing high blood pressure must take some precautionary measures so that condition of high blood pressure must be prevented.

Have proper rest and sleep as it is vital to maintaining normal pressure and flow of blood to the heart and all its parts.

People suffering from high blood pressure or who are at the risk of developing it must reduce the intake of salt in their daily diet.

Also such people should incorporate some exercises in their routine. Light exercise such as walking and yoga may be carried out to keep the level of blood pressure under control.  

Smoking, alcohol and mental plus physical stress must be completely avoided to ensure normal blood pressure.


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