Package For Gastric Trouble

Package For Gastric Trouble

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Gastric Trouble

As suggested by the name, gastric trouble is related to the digestive system of the body or with the stomach. Most people may be seen complaining of gastric problems these days. It is found equally in people of all ages and genders.  Although gastric trouble is not a disease however it is quite discomforting and indicative of some other problems in the digestive system or in the body as a whole. Gastric trouble may even appear in the form of a symptom of some other health problems. People suffering from gastric trouble complain of pain, heaviness and uneasiness in the stomach.  Even sometimes they may also suffer from heartburn, acidity, nausea and feeling of vomiting. Incomplete or improper digestion of the foods in the stomach or intestine is the major cause of gastric trouble.

What are the chief reasons for occurrence of gastric troubles?

There are multiple reasons behind occurrence of gastric troubles. In order to get apt treatment for gastric problems, it is better to first understand the exact cause of this problem otherwise the problem may aggravate further. Chief reasons for occurrence of gastric problems are as mentioned below.

·       Pregnancy when a woman is not able to exercise much and experiences pressure of the developing fetus

·       Viral and bacterial infections

·       Intake of spicy foods

·       Intake of oily and fatty foods including junk foods, chocolates and cold drinks

·       Stress and anxiety

·       Lack of proper rest and sleep

·       Gastric diseases such as gastric or peptic ulcers

·       Use of certain drugs or medicines such as those related to high blood pressure and diabetes

·       Excessive intake of alcohol

·       Smoking

·       Intake of meat or dairy products

·       Insufficient secretion of pancreatic juice into the small intestine

·       Malabsorption of the food

·       Secretion of excessive stomach acid

·       Defective liver or large intestine

How are gastric troubles diagnosed?

Gastric troubles may be diagnosed and confirmed by considering some common signs and symptoms. These are the common symptoms which are associated with almost all types of gastric problems or troubles.    

Nausea and vomiting

Constipation or diarrhea

Continuous abdominal pain

Heaviness of the stomach

Loss of appetite

Bloating of the stomach

Headache and dizziness

Pain in the shoulders and the back

Herbal remedies for gastric troubles

Although gastric problems are not so serious however these need medical treatment which may help in complete treatment and prevention of the same. It is because chronic digestive or gastric troubles may lead to other complicated health problems. An apt solution for complete and permanent treatment of gastric trouble is use of herbal formulas or herbal remedies.  These remedies help in providing relief from the symptoms of the gastric trouble as well.

Divya Udara Kalpa churna

Prepared by mixing the wonderful herbs which are beneficial for the digestive system, it is a very good herbal preparation which helps in bringing about the normal balance amid acid and base in the stomach so as to aid in proper and complete digestion. Also it nourishes the entire digestive system for its normal and maximum working. This amazing herbal formula is even apt in relieving the various symptoms of gastric trouble such as pain and inflammation in the stomach.   

Divya Gaisahara churna

The herbs contained in this natural remedy are being used from times unknown to get rid of various digestive problems. Also these are effective in stimulating the pancreas to secrete enzymes required for proper digestion and assimilation of the foods consumed by the body. The symptoms of gastric trouble are also relieved with the help of this wonderful herbal formula.

Prevention of gastric troubles

Gastric problems or troubles mostly arise due to wrong lifestyle or eating habits. Therefore, it is very essential to pay attention to our diet and the lifestyle. It is a must to follow a healthy lifestyle and incorporate healthy foods in our diet so as to keep digestive system in proper working order. To prevent occurrence of gastric problems, you may follow below mentioned guidelines. 

*      Drink lots of water to clear out toxins and waste materials from the body. It also helps in dealing with the problem of constipation.

*      Incorporate lots of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet as it is very much helpful in maintaining good health of the digestive system.

*      Carry out physical activity daily so as to normalize the peristalsis movements which in turn prevent occurrence of gastric problems. Even morning and evening walks are beneficial in this regard as these help in improving flow of blood to the stomach which in turn paces up the metabolic activity.  

*      Say no to fatty foods, oily foods, fried foods, spicy foods and junk foods as these are all major causes of gastric problems. Eat easily digestible diet so that gastric problems may be prevented naturally. 

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