Package For Chronic Rhinitis

Package For Chronic Rhinitis

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Chronic Rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is a disorder or disease of the nasal passages. Under this condition, the mucous membranes of the nasal passages undergo inflammation which becomes quite discomforting for the sufferer. It is a sort of allergy which is caused due to such triggering factors to which a person is allergic. As an instance, people suffering from this condition are mostly found to be allergic to dust, dirt, pollens etc.  There is continuous running nose, sneezing which may be accompanied by cough also. It is mainly caused due to attack of viruses on the body due to weak immunity to fight against them. It may also be referred to as a sort of viral infection and may spread from one person to the other.

Common causes of chronic rhinitis

These are as follows.

-      Weak immunity

-      Viral attack

-      Hormonal changes in the body

-      Use of certain drugs

-      Pollen allergy or allergy to dust and dirt

-      Congenital abnormalities such as deviated septum or enlarged adenoids

-      Physical and mental stress

Chief Symptoms of Chronic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis may be confirmed by one or more of the below given symptoms.

-      Nose congestion especially during low humidity in the atmosphere

-      Running nose, frequent sneezing, watering from the eyes, redness of the eyes, irritation, itching and burning sensation in the eyes

-      Headache

-      Risk of nasal polyps and ear infections

-      Pain and itching in the throat and eyes

-      Feverish feeling, exhaustion and laziness

Herbal remedies for chronic rhinitis

In case of chronic rhinitis, herbal remedies prove to be the best option as these help in relieving the symptoms of this problem. At the same time, these offer long lasting and permanent relief from this condition.

Divya Sanjivani vati

It is a very good remedy for respiratory problems including chronic rhinitis. It helps in improving the natural immunity of the body so that it may fight with infections such as those experienced during chronic rhinitis in an effective manner. It also prevents recurrent attacks of this infection.

Divya Swasari Ras

It again boosts body immunity and relieves it of signs and symptoms of chronic rhinitis.

Divya Pravala pisti

It is safe and reliable formula for treatment and prevention of problems associated with respiratory tract. It helps in treatment of allergies which are one of the major causes of chronic rhinitis.

Sringa Bhasma

It helps in providing great relief from nose congestion as it removes the mucus from the nose and keeps it open for easy breathing.

Divya Lakshmi vilasa

It offers instant and effective relief from sneezing and irritation in the throat. It is also efficient in providing relief from headache caused due to chronic rhinitis. It opens up the blocked nasal passages.

Divya Abhraka bhasma

It boosts up natural body immunity which in turn prevents further attacks of the allergies or infections associated with respiratory system. It nourishes the nasal passages so that any types of allergies may be prevented automatically. It also soothes down the inflammation in the nasal passages.

Divya Trikatu Churna

This herbal formula has been prepared from an amalgamation of three herbs which are safe and effective as far as treatment and prevention of various health problems is concerned. It includes chronic rhinitis as well. It may even be used for long time to get rid of this problem for good. It offers the best results to the users without causing any side-effects on the body.

Prevention of chronic rhinitis

You may take care of some points which prove to be useful in prevention of the attacks of chronic rhinitis on the body.

-      Keep yourself away from allergens such as pollens, dust, dirt and even pets. These are all solid sources of infections as well as allergies and hence must be avoided altogether.

-      Use a humidifier in case there is low humidity in the atmosphere as it saves you from the attack of chronic rhinitis.

-      Avoid physical and mental stress as these are also known to be the major factors responsible for chronic rhinitis.

Effective Home remedies for chronic rhinitis

In addition to herbal remedies and the preventative measures taken to get rid of chronic rhinitis, you may also prefer using some home remedies. It involves use of some ingredients or other methods found easily at home to get rid of this condition and the associated symptoms. These home remedies offer great relief from the problems associated with the respiratory tract and are quite safe as well as efficient. 

*      Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water as it helps in liquefying of the mucus which is then removed from the body easily. It offers relief from nasal congestion to great extent.

*      Have proper rest and sleep and do not indulge in strenuous physical activities as these may aggravate the condition.

*      Have ginger tea 3-4 times in a day to get relieved of the symptoms of chronic rhinitis. These may include nasal congestion, inflammation of the nose, irritation and pain in throat and headache. 

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