Oorja (Pack of 2)

Oorja (Pack of 2)

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As the name suggests, this wonderful ayurvedic supplement is meant for providing energy. People that make use of this extraordinary gift presented by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji are benefited greatly with its even use. It acts like a strong health tonic and empowers the physique and brain in a big way. Thousands of persons in the world are pleased and satisfied with its energetic benefits that enable them to lead happy life full of pleasure, comfort and without tension.

Oorja health supplement is prepared by the ayurvedic trust run by the great peace lover and noble son of India, i.e. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. Prepared in Bangalore by Sri Sri Ayurveda under the supervision of the great guru and his team of experts; Oorja is prepared from the herbal ingredients that do not contain any harmful component. Hence it is free from any dangerous effects upon the humans. Regardless of one’s age or sex, anyone desirous of vigor and happiness is advised to take Oorja.

Ingredients – Oorja contains the following ingredients:

  1. Amlaki (Emblia officinalis)
  2. Shigru (Moringa oleifera)

It is worth noting that Moringa oleifera leaves (drumstick) are too energetic as far as vitamins, protein and potassium etc are concerned. Enriched with so many exclusive features; this herbal product gifted by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji is able to treat many diseases apart from providing great strength.

Benefits – Thousands of people have used this health supplement and they are fully satisfied with its use that has benefited them as under:

  • Natural rejuvenator – Oorja health supplement is one of the best wonderful tonics that rejuvenate the body by strengthening its all parts in even manners. Anyone feeling weak is advised to take it. |Enriched with iron and other minerals, Oorja should be taken by all on daily basis. It is useful to regain the lost energy. The original ingredients used to prepare Oorja are free from any harmful components. It is much useful and does not put any adverse impacts upon the physique.
  • Improves appetite – Oorja is helpful to increase the appetite that is a must to take sufficient food. Enhanced appetite is an indirect source of strength for our body that needs sufficient food.
  • Great fighter – Oorja may be described as a great fighter to defeat different diseases. It is helpful to say NO to almost all the ailments.
  • Rich energy – If you go by the name, Oorja means energy. This universal health supplement provides limitless energy for all.
  • Source of nutrients – It may seem surprising but is true that Moringa oleifera leaves (drumstick) contain the following –

Vitamin C – seven times as compared to the oranges

Calcium – four times in comparison with milk

Protein – twice the one contained in milk

Vitamin A – four times the contents in the carrots

Potassium – It contains thrice the potassium as compared to the bananas.

Oorja should be included in your daily diets as it is another name of energy for your body, mind and brain.


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