Neem (Pack of 2)

Neem (Pack of 2)

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The root cause of different diseases could be the presence of some toxins in our body that endanger us in many ways. These foreign substances and poisonous elements lead to complications if we do not care for them and flush them out. They damage various organs of our body with infection and other ill effects.

Hundreds of medicines are available in the market for detoxification of our body. However all of them may not be so fruitful because of certain poor components and inapt preparation. That’s where Sri Sri Ayurveda Neem tablets have been provided by Sri Sri Ayurveda trust that functions under the control of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. Various other ayurvedic medicines are also prepared at this centre that imparts ayurvedic knowledge too from its head office in Bangalore. Its other offices also function from various places in India and abroad.

All precautions and checks are carried out at different levels for preparation of Neem tablets that are meant for purification of blood. This wonderful medication is the best way to keep your blood free from any toxins or other harmful substances.

Benefits – Neem tablets facilitated by Sri Sri Ayurveda benefit the users in many ways as under:


  1. Blood purification – Neem acts as an excellent purifier that is useful to treat impurities related with the blood.
  2. Skin Problems - With its detoxifying properties, Neem is used for different skin related problems. You can have a shining skin by using this natural herb or its tablets in regular manners.
  3. Bacteria – The antibacterial features of Neem help to kill acne-causing bacteria.
  4. Ulcers – Neem acts as an antioxidant. It is helpful for ulcers. 
  5. Urinary disorders – Any problem related to the urinary system can be got rid of with apt use of Neem.
  6. Heart Diseases – Blood clots; high BP, cholesterol etc can be controlled greatly with regular use of Neem.
  7. Kidney problems – These disorders can also be got rid of by using Neem in regular manners.
  8. Improves circulation – Neem is much useful to increase the circulation of the blood that starts flowing conveniently to all parts of the body.
  9. Heartburn and hemorrhoids – Anyone suffering from these problems is advised to take Neem in even manners.  
  10. Nervous Disorders – People suffering from epilepsy or anxiety are advised to take Neem.
  11. Sexual disordersSexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, genital/vaginal warts, candidacies and Chlamydia etc can be set aright by using Neem.
  12. Hepatitis and Jaundice Taking Neem juice mixed with honey gives good results to treat these two ailments. It is enriched with excellent features that help to get rid of these problems in natural manners.

Neem is much helpful to control respiratory disorders, diabetes, cancer, allergy, leprosy, leucoderma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, bad breath, conjunctivitis, insomnia, hangovers and other related problems. Ill effects of dengue can also be reduced with its use.

Neem may be used in various forms, i.e. juice or tablets. Neem soap is good for our skin. You may boil some leaves in hot water and soak any part of your body to get rid of skin problems. The antiseptic, antihistamine and antiviral features of Neem make it more popular.


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