Health Pack For Mental Retardation & Mongoloid Children

Health Pack For Mental Retardation & Mongoloid Children

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Mental Retardation & Mongoloid Children

Mental retardation is the term used to refer to such children who are born with an extra chromosome during birth. Such children are also called as mongoloid children and the associated condition is also called as Down syndrome. Mongoloid children or mentally retarded children are different from others as they have typical physical features and the mental setup. Mongoloid children have a flat face and a broad nose. Their tongue is also large and eyes are slanted.  Short neck and stubby fingers are other features of such children which distinguish them from other children.

Mental retardation is a process in which there is abnormal growth of the brain and the mental set-up which makes children suffering from this problem different from others. When a child suffers from mental retardation, the development and growth of motor skills is very slow. Also the process of development of language skills and self-help skills is very slow. Mentally retarded children may show an abnormal or aggressive behavior.  It becomes quite difficult to handle such children and also to bring them up.

Since mind of such children is not fully developed therefore they may take more time than others to understand anything.  Due to their erratic behavior they may even become violent at times. Therefore, the parents as well as other guardians who look after them need to remain cool and calm so that everything may be handled in a normal way.

It is also the responsibility of the society to have a sympathetic and considerate attitude towards such children.  Since mongoloid children are unique as well as special therefore they should be handled with care and shouldn’t be looked down upon. They need love and care.  

What are the causes of mental retardation in children?

Mental retardation is mostly diagnosed in children before the age of 18. There are multiple causes responsible for mental retardation. The extent or degree of mental retardation may vary from one child to the other depending upon the causative factors and the unique physical and mental in-built of each child. Common causes of mental retardation are as follows.

  • HIV infection
  • Environmental factors such deprivation

·Congenital abnormalities such as congenital rubella, congenital CMV, etc

  • Abnormalities of the chromosomes

·Disorders or diseases related to the metabolism

  • Encephalitis
  • Meningitis
  • Deficiency of certain nutrients in the body
  • Trauma before or during the birth
  • Toxicity of the body or presence of toxic conditions in and around the child

Major symptoms of mental retardation 

The condition of mental retardation may be diagnosed and confirmed with the help of some common symptoms which may be found in children suffering from this condition.

Low level of intellectual development

Low learning capacity

Absence of maturity with age or childish behaviour even after growing up

Lack of ability to meet the educational demands

Delayed milestones

Herbal treatment for Mental retardation

Most people are of the view that mental retardation is not curable. But it is not true. It is because if mental retardation is detected in a child at early stages then it may be treated and its further advancement may be prevented. It helps in complete eradication of the signs and symptoms of mental retardation and also helps in prevention of the difficulties from which children suffering from this mental condition have to suffer.

In case, anyone finds signs and symptoms of mental retardation in their children or feel that the development of various skills is quite slow in them, they must consult with a child specialist and have proper treatment. It helps in saving the child from getting completely mentally retarded. There are various herbal remedies which are apt in the treatment as well as prevention of mental retardation in children. These remedies are completely safe and effective too.   

Divya Asvagandha Curna

It is beneficial for mongoloid children in multiple ways. It improves the motor skills of the children and at the same time enhances their learning capacities. It is efficient in repairing the damaged cells of the brain and at the same time stimulates the process of regeneration of cells. It also improves immunity of the body in a natural way.

Divya Pravala Pisti

It is again beneficial as far as enhancement of the learning capacities of the children are concerned. It increases oxygen supply to the brain cells and hence improves its functions.

Divya Amrta / Giloy Sattva / Gulvel Satva

It is one of the most excellent herbal remedies as far as treatment of behavioral disorders is concerned. It is equally beneficial for memory enhancement and improvement in concentrative powers by improving the supply of oxygen to the brain cells. It is a very good remedy for such children who suffer from the problem of attention deficient hyperactivity disorders.

Divya Medha Kvatha

This herbal formula is apt in treatment and prevention of mental disabilities. It improves memory as well as concentration and also promotes physical and mental development in children.

Other useful herbal remedies which are efficient in the treatment of mental retardation are Divya Moti Pisti and Divya Rajata Bhasma. Both these remedies help in complete physical and mental development of children. 

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