Health Pack For Menorrhagia (Heavy Menstruation) & Amenorrhea (Less Menstruation)

Health Pack For Menorrhagia (Heavy Menstruation) & Amenorrhea (Less Menstruation)

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Menorrhagia (Heavy Menstruation) & Amenorrhea (Less Menstruation)

Menstrual periods or cycles are quite important in the life of women as these are associated with the most important process of reproduction. Equally important is the normality or regularity of these cycles. It is because any disturbance or abnormality in the menstrual cycles is bound to create health problems and problems in the reproductive organs of the females.  There are multiple menstrual disorders such as menorrhagia and amenorrhea. The first refers to the heavy bleeding during menstrual cycles while the other one refers to the complete absence of menstrual cycles in females. Multiple health problems or discomforts are produced in the females due to these health problems. Varying degree of factors is responsible for occurrence of these two problems in females.

Amenorrhea may be classified into two types- primary and secondary. The first type is caused due to unknown or specific reasons while the second one is caused due to known factors such as low level of hemoglobin in the blood. Primary amenorrhea is found in girls from 12-14 years of age when they fail to get their first menstrual cycles even after reaching this age. On the other hand, secondary amenorrhea is found in females of reproductive age.   

Absence of menstrual cycles or heavy bleeding during menstrual cycles are equally discomforting for the sufferers. It is because these problems lead to other health relevant problems in women. As an instance, weakness, tiredness, irritability, anaemia etc. are all caused due to abnormality in the menstrual cycles. So it becomes all the more important that women suffering from these disorders must get apt treatment. 

Factors responsible for menorrhagia and amenorrhea

Since menorrhagia and amenorrhea are different problems associated with the menstrual cycles of females, therefore the causative factors for these two also differ to some extent. The major reasons for these menstrual disorders are as mentioned below.

Amenorrhea Causes

·       Pregnancy

·       Stress which leads to imbalance of hormones in the body

·       Improper diet which is deficient in iron

·       Imbalance of hormones caused due to some other diseases 

·       Diseases such as uterine polyps, cervical cancer, PCOS

Menorrhagia causes

·       Inflammatory condition of the reproductive organs such as vaginitis and cervicits

·       Fibroid uterus

·       Use of birth control pills and intra uterine devices

·       Use of blood thinning remedies

Major Symptoms of amenorrhoea and menorrhagia

The menstrual disorders of menorrhagia and amenorrhoea are signalled by the presence of some signs and symptoms in the concerned women.

Amenorrhea symptoms

-      General body weakness and exhaustion

-      Lack of sleep caused due to imbalance of hormones

-      Irritable behavior

-      Increase in the growth of hairs under the chin

-      Infertility

-      Heaviness of the voice

Menorrhagia symptoms

-      Weakness of the body

-      Pain in the extremities due to heavy blood loss

-      Increased bleeding and increase in the period of bleeding

-      Anaemia

-      Paleness on the face

-      Headache and dizziness

-      Back pain

-      Pain in the lower abdomen

Herbal treatment for amenorrhea and menorrhagia

It involves use of some herbal formulas or preparations consisting of herbs and natural ingredients which are all safe and effective in the treatment and prevention of menstrual disorders. These remedies help in correcting all the menstrual disorders or abnormalities in the menstrual cycles. The efficacy of these herbal formulas may be gauged from the fact that these are being used since ancient times to get rid of various menstrual disorders and problems.

Divya Kaharava pisti

It is an apt remedy for those who suffer from abnormalities in the bleeding. It helps in bringing about a normal balance amid various hormones in the body so as to treat the menstrual disorders. It also helps in dealing with the problem of general body weakness and exhaustion. At the same time, it also provides strength to the body by nourishing it properly.

Divya Stri Rasayana vati

As is clear from the name, it is especially formulated for women to get rid of various menstrual disorders as well as other gynecological problems. It treats amenorrhea or heavy bleeding in women. It also relieves symptoms associated with menopause such as stress, imbalance of hormones, irritable behavior.

Divya Pravala pisthi

It helps in stimulating the process of formation of hemoglobin in the body so that the problem of anemia may be treated well. It is an apt remedy for amenorrhea as it balances the hormones and offers quick relief from the symptoms of this menstrual disorder. It also energizes the body cells so that the problem of weakness and exhaustion may be treated properly.

Divya Amrita Sattava

It is good for women or females suffering from menorrhagia. It balances the hormones and also enhances formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood so as to treat anemia.  It reduces heavy bleeding.

Divya Mukta moti pisti

It helps in alleviation of the harmful effects caused due to birth control pills on the menstrual cycles. It also regulates flow of blood during menstruation.

Divya Vasantakusumakara ras

It is beneficial for almost all types of menstrual problems or disorders faced by women or females. It also improves reproductive functions.

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