Weakness of memory or loss of memory in advancing age is quite natural due to weakness of the muscles of brain and also changes that occur in the brain due to age related factors. That is why most of the elderly people are found to be suffering from the problem of forgetting important as well as minor things in routine life. At the same time, it is also true that almost all people suffer from this problem on routine life. We tend to forget things temporarily. It may be due to stressful lifestyle or some other reasons. It is not a matter of worry. But long term memory loss or the problem of weakness of memory is definitely a matter of concern for anyone. It is because such a problem arises due to improper functioning of the brain cells as a result of some causative agents. Medically, it is referred to as Alzheimer’s disease and amnesia in which people suffer from forgetfulness due to specific reasons. It is quite important to treat such a condition so that any serious problems relevant to the brain or even physical aspect of the body may be prevented.

Common and major causes of Memory loss

Memory loss may be triggered due to multiple reasons. Some of the common causes of memory loss may be as mentioned below.

  1. Excessive use of alcohol in routine life results in temporary or even long-term memory loss in most of the cases. It is because alcohol interferes with normal functions of the brain cells including its various parts.
  2. Similarly, excessive smoking or use of tobacco products also creates problems in the flow of oxygen to the brain cells. This in turn may result in memory loss. Even excessive use of drugs is also responsible for causing memory loss.
  3. Mental stress, tension and depression also have an adverse effect on the functions of the brain. This in turn reduces the memorizing capacity of the brain. People who suffer from such mental states are more prone to suffer from memory loss or weakness of the memory. Such people even suffer from lack or loss of concentration.
  4. Serious injuries to the head or the brain due to some accidents or other reasons are also a major cause for memory loss.
  5. Nutritional deficiencies in the diet due to intake of unhealthy or imbalanced diet are also responsible for causing memory loss. It is because functions of the brain are impaired which in turn causes considerable reduction in the memory or sometimes its long term loss.
  6. Use of certain medicines such as antidepressants, muscle relaxants, tranquilizers or sleeping pills to excessive extent also results in memory loss.
  7. Lack of proper rest and sleep and problems in sleeping may also cause memory loss.
  8. Certain diseases such as syphilis, tuberculosis, HIV or infections etc may also be the causative agents for memory loss.
  9. Stroke that results in obstructed supply of blood and oxygen to the brain cells is also one of the chief reasons for occurrence of memory loss.

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