Madhukari herbal tea (Pack of 2)

Madhukari herbal tea (Pack of 2)

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Madhukari herbal tea

People often stick to the traditional types of medicines for different diseases and do not get fruitful results. This happens because of poor ingredients and improper preparation of such medications that often leave the patients with adverse effects. Ayurveda treatment is quite different. Ayurvedic system of medicine assesses the different causes of the diseases and then finds apt solutions for the same. Ayurvedic studies believe that imbalance in the human physique is responsible for diseases.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji has introduced Madhukari herbal tea that is prepared at Sri Sri Ayurveda, the center of ayurvedic knowledge and medicines for the people. It is one of the best herbal packs that are meant to balance the human physique and keep it refreshed. It energizes the body with minerals and vitamins. Prepared from the wonderful blend of fruits, seeds, flowers and other rich herbs; Madhukari Herbal Tea is a wonderful health tonic for the body. It refreshes all the parts of the body.

Ingredients - Brahmi (Bacopa), Bhumyamalaki (Feather-foil plant), Chitraka (Leadwort), Coriander (Dhaniya), Tulsi (Basil), Kshudra Ela, Lavanga (Cloves),  Mishreya (Dill), Raktachandan (Red Sandalwood), Yashtimadhu (Licorice, Liquorice), Manjishtha (Madder Root), Mustha,

Maricha, Sunthi (Dried Ginger), Sthula Ela (Large Cardamom), Suralipatra, Ushira (Vetiver), Twak (Cinnamon) and Punarnava (Spreading Hogweed). 

Benefits - Madhukari herbal tea provides strength, taste, aroma and freshness. Human physique remains energized with its use. It should become a part of our daily diets.

  • Intellect - Madhukari herbal improves our intellect and empowers the memory power.
  • Energy – It is a good source of energy for the body.
  • Freshness – It keeps the body refreshed.
  • Taste – It is tasty.
  • Digestion-Digestive disorders can be set aright by taking it.
  • Liver – Human liver is strengthened by taking it regularly.
  • Blood circulation and purification-It is helpful for easy flow of blood that is purified with its apt use.
  • Heart and brain – It is a good source of energy for heart and brain.
  • Eyes – It sharpens our vision.
  • Skin - Madhukari herbal tea provides relief from skin diseases.
  • Balancing of doshas – Imbalanced doshas can be set aright.
  • Cough and cold – These problems can be got rid of with its use.
  • Respiratory disorders – Respiratory system gets energized with it.
  • Health rejuvenator – It acts as a great rejuvenator for the body.
  • Longevity – People intending to live long must take it.
  • Immunity – Madhukari herbal tea strengthens the immune system.
  • Debility – Weakness of the body can be treated well.

Feeling tired because of fatigue, take a cup of Madhukari Herbal Tea and get refreshed & energized. Say NO to exhaustion and diseases.

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