Abdominal discomfort may be referred to as an uneasy or sore sensation in our belly. A big part of the abdomen is occupied by the digestive tract leading to abdominal discomfort. It may arise due to blood vessels, skin, body wall or urinary tract. The reproductive organs and chest are also sometimes responsible for abdominal discomfort.

Causes of Abdominal Discomfort

  1. Abdominal aortic aneurysm – It happens when the large blood vessel that supplies blood to the abdomen and the lower extremities balloon outwards. If it expands in a fast manner, gets torn and ruptures then the situation can be a big danger to life.
  2. Appendicitis – It is one type of appendix that joins the large intestine. The patient suffers from pain around the belly button or downwards towards the right quadrant of the belly. 
  3. Constipation – This common problem often leads to Abdominal Discomfort.
  4. Crohn's disease – This inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract and the bowels puts the patient to aggravated discomfort of the abdominal.
  5. Diverticulitis – Unusual inflammation in the intestinal wall located in the large colon also result in abdominal discomfort.
  6. Ectopic Pregnancy – The fertilized egg implanting outside the uterus leads to termination of the pregnancy and abdominal discomfort too.
  7. Endometriosis – The tissue lining the uterus develops in other parts of the abdomen and leads to acute pain and in certain cases infertility too.
  8. Food poisoning – Contaminated food also makes the persons to suffer from Abdominal Discomfort.
  9. Heart attack – It happens due to blockages of blood vessels and prevention of oxygen to the heart. This is also one of the reasons of Abdominal Discomfort.
  10. Fibroid tumors – Usually found in the womb, abdomen or other organs of the body these tumors can lead to severe abdominal discomfort.
  11. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) – This situation results in cramping, diarrhea and abdominal pain that must be got rid of.
  12. Kidney stones – Made up from small crystals, these stones often exist in the kidneys or in the utters. They make the patients to suffer badly because of blood in the urine, fever, chills, vomiting or nausea.
  13. Twisted bowel – Certain health problems or diet result in twisted bowel and its unusual shape. There may be pain in the stomach, vomiting, bloody stools or constipation. It could lead to bowel necrosis and bowel obstruction too.
  14. Ulcer – It happens due to erosion in the lining of the stomach. It can lead to complications and abdominal discomfort if not treated in the beginning itself.

Timely Treatment – Abdominal Discomfort must be treated as early as possible   otherwise it can lead to complexities in the later stages. First of all the exact reasons of the problem may be assessed to find out apt solution. It could be inflammation, ulcers and other major causes. Junk food could also lead to this pain. Medical assistance from the qualified doctors is a must in case the patient suffers from acute abdominal discomfort. Prompt medical care must be sought in case this pain is persistent and leads to weight loss etc. 

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