HiOra-SG Gel (Pack of 2)

HiOra-SG Gel (Pack of 2)

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Get rid of oral problems with Hiora-sg Gel

Like all other body parts, our mouth is also prone to health problems. There are multiple oral problems such as toothache, swelling and irritation in gums and teeth, sores or ulcers in mouth and many more. All these problems are quite discomforting for the sufferer as he/she faces problems in eating or drinking also. Even these problems sometimes give rise to other health related problems such as those associated with digestive system

After thorough research and clinical experiments, Himalaya Herbals has been successful in formulation of an efficient herbal formula to treat various problems relevant to oral health. It is known as Hiora-sg Gel and is a safe product as it has been prepared from natural ingredients only. At the same time, it is quite effective as far as treatment of oral problems is concerned. This product helps in enhancing immunity of body so as to get rid of occasional mouth sores or ulcers which are mostly caused by certain microbes.

Hiora-sg Gel is also helpful in promoting good health of mucosal lining of the mouth. It even helps in the treatment of swelling and pain which may be caused by sores, cuts or lesions in the mouth occasionally.

Major ingredients contained in the Hiora-sg Gel

Hiora-sg Gel is a completely herbal and organic formulation and hence apt to be used anyone. Jasmine or Jati is one among its chief constituents. Due to its antimicrobial activity it acts against the bacteria and other microbes which are responsible for oral ulcers or stomatitis caused by denture. It also helps in pacing up of the process of healing of wounds. Similarly, another ingredient contained in Hiora-sg gel named Spreading Hogweed or Punarnava is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and hence helps in alleviation of local inflammation caused in the mouth.

Another active ingredient of Hiora-sg gel which is rich in ulcer-healing properties is the Triphala. It also helps in reducing inflammation in the mouth. Hiora-sg Gel which is also known as Yashtimadhu also helps in healing of ulcers due to the presence of deglycyrrhizinated licorice. This chemical compound is capable of fighting against the oral mucosa.

Other ingredients contained in the herbal product include Nimba, Lavanga and Vanatulasi.

Benefits of using Hiora-sg Gel

Hiora-sg Gel is known to be rich in multiple properties such as anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound-healing and antibacterial. All these help in quick healing of the mouth ulcers or other minor oral wounds. Even recurrence of mouth ulcers is also prevented by this herbal product as it boosts up immunity which in turn prevents mouth ulcers to repeat.

Hiora-sg Gel is efficient in providing relief from pain and irritation which may be caused due to dentures.

The natural ingredients contained in Hiora-sg Gel helps in providing instant relief from pain in teeth.

Hiora-sg Gel is helpful in prevention of transmission of pain from one part of the mouth to the other. It is a great product to promote overall oral health.

Hiora-sg Gel also helps in getting rid of bad breath associated with mouth.

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