HiOra-GA Gel (Pack of 2)

HiOra-GA Gel (Pack of 2)

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Keep your gums healthy with Hiora-GA Gel

Problems relevant to gums or teeth are quite common in numbers of people. It may be due to some infections or improper cleaning of the oral parts. Even some physical ailments such as improper digestion, gaseous distention also have an adverse effect on the health of oral parts. All these problems may be well-treated with the help of Hiora-ga Gel by Himalaya Herbals. It is an herbal and organic product for oral health care. It is rich in multiple properties which help in the treatment of various problems relevant to our teeth and gums. These properties include astringent, analgesic, mouth refreshing, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, haemostatic and anti-bacterial. All these properties act in different ways and hence ensure good health of gums and the teeth. This product is even helpful in the inhibition of the action of PMN triggered by the Matrix matalloproteunases which is mostly related to the adult periodontitis.

Ingredients contained in the Hiora-ga Gel

Hiora-ga Gel has been prepared from the herbal ingredients including Triphala and Indian Keno Tree.  Triphala is a great herbal remedy which helps in stopping or reducing the growth of bacteria on the surface of the teeth. It is also known to be efficient in the inhibition of tissue destruction which may otherwise lead to numerous gum diseases. It can even be used for root canal irrigation.

On the other hand, Indian Keno Tree is rich in anti-inflammatory and astringent properties and hence helps in getting rid of pain in teeth. It even helps in stopping the bleeding of gums.

Apart from this, other active ingredients contained in the Hiora-ga Gel include Jatiphala and Arjuna.

Benefits of using Hiora-ga Gel

Hiora-ga Gel helps in providing strength to the gums and also helps in maintaining good health of teeth as well as gums. It ensures that the gums are strong enough to support teeth.

Hiora-ga Gel also helps in healing of wounds relevant to oral parts such as teeth and gums. It also helps in stopping the bleeding of gums.

Hiora-ga Gel also helps such people who suffer from the problem of bad breath. It is done by acting against the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity thereby ensuring that teeth and the oral parts don’t produce foul smell.

Hiora-ga Gel helps in dealing with the problem of gingivitis associated with gums. It helps in reducing the inflammation, pain, swelling and bleeding associated with the gums.

Due to analgesic properties contained in the Hiora-ga Gel, it helps in reducing any type of pain inside the mouth.

Hiora-ga Gel helps in inhibition of the matrix maetalloproteinases which triggers damage of the oral tissues. This in turn helps in dealing with the problem of gum diseases or commonly known as Periodontitis.

To have desired results of the Hiora-ga Gel, it must be used regularly. The affected area of the gums must be massaged gently with the help of a finger on which the gel is applied. Following this, the mouth must be rinsed properly.  You may repeat this procedure 3-5 times a day so as to have effective results or depending upon the condition of gums. 

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