Hingwastak churan (Pack of 2)

Hingwastak churan (Pack of 2)

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Hingwastak Churan

Many types of diseases affect the human beings. Few persons suffer from digestive disorders that are the root cause of so many ailments. Proper digestion is a must to stay away from stomach and other disorders. Proper treatment of the stomach problems should be ensured in time otherwise it may lead to complications.

Hingwastak Churan facilitated by Sri Sri Ayurveda trust is a great remedy for treatment of indigestion. It is a unique gift for the patients that suffer from stomach related ailments. It helps to improve digestion and enhance appetite that enables us to take sufficient food. It acts as a good purifier and removes the toxins.

Ingredients – Hingwastak Churan is prepared by mixing the following components in appropriate proportions –

a.     Ajwain or carom seed powder

b.    Black cumin seed  or kala jeera powder

c.     Black pepper powder

d.    Cumin seed powder or jeera powder

e.     Dry ginger powder

f.      Long pepper powder (pippali)

g.     Pure asafetida powder or hing powder

h.    Rock salt

Prepared with strict adherence to the principles of Ayurveda; Hingwastak Churan is meant to provide proper treatment for the digestive problems. Hing, the major constituent of this ayurvedic churan balances the acid and digestive enzymes. Cumin, Ajwain and Trikatu are also combined to prepare this Churan that improve the digestive system to great extent. All these ingredients improve the functions related to liver, stomach and spleen that start working more effectively. Enriched with the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant features; all the components of this churan are able to make an effective medicine for treatment of different stomach and other problems.

It is able to fight indigestion, intestinal gas and worms that create problems for the patients. Free from any harmful elements; these ingredients do not affect in any adverse manners.

Benefits - Hingwastak Churan is advantageous as under:

a.     Removes toxins – This amazing churan is able to digest the body toxins and prevents its accumulation. The human body is cleared from any poisonous substances that are much harmful. It acts as an effective cleanser for the patients.

b.    Improves digestion – Disorders of the digestive system are got rid of with this churan that helps to kill the harmful elements. It helps to strengthen the digestive system.

c.     Bloating – Digestive disorders, especially bloating and the ones that produce gas are set aright with this churan that is a great healer.

d.    Improves appetite – This wonderful ayurvedic formulation helps to increase the appetite that is a must to have sufficient food. Thus it acts as a good source of energy through enough food.

Precautions – Though this ayurvedic churan does not affect in any adverse manners, yet the pregnant ladies and the persons suffering from peptic ulcer and hemorrhoids should take it by consulting the doctor. 


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