Health Pack For Ulcerative Colitis

Health Pack For Ulcerative Colitis

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Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a disorder of the intestines due to which the colon and the rectum suffer from inflammation.  It is mainly caused due to constant or recurrent bacterial or viral infections. Also infections in any other parts of the body may be responsible for this condition. Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease which is mostly caused during young age. In this condition, the colon and the rectum suffer from small ulcers which are quite discomforting for the sufferer. It has a bad effect on the entire digestive system and the person may not be able to eat and digest the foods consumed by the body properly and completely. The condition becomes worse upon intake of spicy foods. It is because the lining of the intestines gets overly inflamed due to intake of spicy foods. Also pus is discharged or secreted by the small ulcers. Weakness of the immune system may also be responsible for this condition. It is because the weakness of immune system leads to conversion of the proteins i.e. the protectors of the body into its own enemies in the form of foreign substances. Since ulcerative colitis is very discomforting and may lead to other health problems too therefore it is very important to treat it well-in-time.

What are the major causes of ulcerative colitis?

Although the exact cause of ulcerative colitis is not known however it is considered that weak immune system is responsible for this intestinal condition. Apart from this, other causative agents for ulcerative colitis are as mentioned below.

·       Recurrent bacterial and viral infections

·       Family history of the disease

·       Stress

·       Excessive intake of spicy foods

Major symptoms associated with the ulcerative colitis

The symptoms of ulcerative colitis may differ from one individual to the other. There may be mild symptoms in one person whereas the other one may have severe symptoms. Also the rate of progression of symptoms may differ in different individuals. Commonly found symptoms in ulcerative colitis are as given below.

·       Diarrhea

·       Fever

·       Gurgling sound in the abdomen

·       Pain in the abdomen

·       Blood in the stools

·       Loss of weight

Prevention of ulcerative colitis

Treatment is undoubtedly necessary for ulcerative colitis as its signs and symptoms may be relieved only with the help of apt medicines. But some preventative and precautionary measures may also help in providing relief from this condition to great extent.

·       When a person is suffering from ulcerative colitis, then he should consume diet rich in fibre. It helps in getting rid of diarrhea.

·       Also you must reduce the intake of dairy products as these also help in reducing the attacks of diarrhea, pain and flatulence in the stomach.

·       You must drink lots of water and other liquids to clear away any chemicals from the body.

·       Do not take mental stress as it aggravates the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

·       Foods such as cabbage and broccoli lead to aggravation of the symptoms of this digestive disorder and hence must be avoided.

·       Carry out exercise regularly to remain in healthy   condition. Yoga and meditation are best options as these help in reducing and releasing mental stress.

·       Say not to smoking and alcohol as these will aggravate the signs and symptoms of ulcerative colitis and make the condition worse.

Natural or herbal treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

To treat the condition of intestines i.e. the ulcerative colitis, you may use natural or herbal remedies as these help in complete and apt treatment of this digestive disorder. These remedies are completely safe and reliable and free from any side-effects on the vital organs of the body. Also these help a person to get recovered from the painful condition very quickly. The relief provided by herbal remedies is long lasting.

Divya kapardaka bhasma

Regular use of this herbal formula helps in dealing with the recurrent infections in the gastrointestinal tract and hence relieves the associated signs and symptoms quite effectively. Also it is completely safe for overall health of the body.

Divya moti pisti

It improves the immunity and prevents attack of recurrent infections on the body. It also relieves abdominal pain, diarrhea and inflammation of the intestinal lining.

Divya udaramarta vati

It helps in treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal inflammation. It ensures maximum and proper functioning of the entire digestive system and also improves immunity to protect body against frequent infections.

Divya sankha bhasma

It is again beneficial in prevention of recurrent or frequent infections associated with gastrointestinal tract. It also treats and prevents inflammation as well as diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Divya mukta-sukti bhasma

It nourishes the cells of colon and rectum and hence prevents inflammation. It acts as a great tonic for the entire body and protects the body against bacteria and virus so as to prevent infections.


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