Health Pack For Thalassemia

Health Pack For Thalassemia

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When there is production of defective hemoglobin in the blood then this condition is called as Thalassemia. In this condition, the concerned person suffers from anemia due to enhanced destruction of the red blood cells. It is caused due to certain genes in which the changes take place. It is worth noting that hemoglobin is the protein with the help of which transfer of oxygen in the blood to all the body parts takes place. Due to destruction of more of the red blood cells, this function is halted and as a result, the supply of oxygen to the entire body is also affected adversely.

There are two types of thalassemia- alpha and beta. In the first type, there is adverse effect on the two genes while in the latter type, only one gene is affected. The relevant conditions are called as minor thalassemia and major thalassemia respectively.  Thalassemia is a genetic disorder and is found in the future generations of the same family which is affected by this condition. It is best to get this condition diagnosed and treated at early stages so that further complications may be prevented. It is worth noting that thalassemia may prove to be life-threatening in case early treatment and preventative measures are not taken. 

Major reasons behind occurrence of Thalassemia 

Thalassemia is mainly caused due to defective hemoglobin production in the blood which is triggered due to defective genes. Genetic factors also have an important role to play in this blood disorder.

Symptoms of thallasemia

Various signs and symptoms are shown by the body which confirm presence or occurrence of this blood disorder. The major symptoms are-

Anaemia due to decrease in the capacity of blood to carry oxygen to all body parts

Difficulty in sleeping

Halted development in children suffering from this condition

Paleness of the skin 

Lack of appetite or poor appetite

Children suffering from this condition remain underdeveloped

Enlargement of the spleen and liver

Frequent infections

Weak immunity

Coldness of hands and feet

Prevention of Thalasemia

Although thalasemia is a life-threatening blood disorder however it may still be treated and even prevented by taking some preventative measures. You just have to pay attention to your diet and lifestyle in order to keep fit and fine.

v Have balanced and proper diet incorporating all nutrients. It helps in enhancing natural immunity of the body which in turn reduces chances of infections and destruction of red blood cells. Instead, the production of healthy red blood cells is promoted with the help of balanced and nutritious diet.

Drink lots of water to keep your body free of toxins or other harmful materials or chemicals. Also make sure that you drink clean and fresh water.

Incorporate exercises in daily routine to keep your body in healthy condition. You may carry out yoga and meditation as these help in boosting natural immunity of the body. It also ensures peaceful and sound sleep. 

Go for morning and evening walks to normalize all body functions. It also helps in improving appetite.

Have a glass of milk to which honey has been added regularly. It helps in successful treatment of thalassemia.

Say no to smoking and alcohol as these have an adverse effect on the immunity and also affect the overall body functions in a negative way.

Similarly, junk and fried foods should be avoided as these prove to be the solid sources of infections in the body.

Drink water to which wheatgrass has been soaked for an overnight. It helps in enhancing and improving the production of red blood cells.

Have milk, eggs and meat as these help in promoting overall good health and also improve all body functions.

You must incorporate ginger in your regular diet or use it while cooking foods. It is considered to be one of the best home remedies for thalassemia.

Herbal treatment for thalassemia

Herbal remedies meant for thalassemia treatment help in providing quick and effective relief from the signs and symptoms of this health condition which is associated with the blood. These herbal remedies aim at improving body immunity as well as production of healthy red blood cells.

There are several herbal remedies available in the ayurvedic treatment world, which help in eradicating this problem from its root cause. Out of these, the most commonly and popularly used herbal remedies are Divya Kumara-Kalyana Rasa, Divya Pravala Pishti, Divya Kaharava Pishti, Divya Mukta Pishti, Divya Amrta Sat, Divya Pravala Panchamrita, Divya Amrta Sat and many more. Chief benefits of these herbal remedies in relation to Thalassemia are as mentioned below.

Production of red blood cells is promoted so as to compensate for the loss of damaged red blood cells.

Body is energized so as to get rid of weakness and tiredness caused due to anaemia.

Normal and healthy functions of liver and spleen are promoted.

Headache and dizziness is also relieved to great extent.

Health and functions of immune system are also maximized. 

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