Health Pack For Sprue Syndrome, Diarrhea & AMA

Health Pack For Sprue Syndrome, Diarrhea & AMA

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Sprue Syndrome, Diarrhea & AMA

Sprue syndrome is related to the intestines of the digestive system. It is in fact an auto-immune disorder. Under this condition, the small intestine gets inflamed due to improper absorption of the food. It is mainly caused due to intake of gluten in the form of oats, rye, wheat and barley. Intake of gluten leads to allergic reactions in the stomach which in turn affects all the functions of the entire digestive system.

Food which is consumed by the body is absorbed with the help of a part called as villi in the small intestine. To aid in the process of absorption of food, the villi increases surface area of the small intestine. But due to excessive intake of gluten, the villi get damaged due to which the absorption of food is not completed properly. Also gluten has an adverse effect on the immune system which in turn disturbs all its functions.

Since sprue syndrome is an autoimmune disorder therefore, the person suffering from this condition may also be suffering from other autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Addison’s disease, systematic lupus erythematous etc. Also the natural process of detoxification of the body and the blood is also affected adversely due to sprue syndrome.

Causes of Sprue Syndrome

The main cause of sprue syndrome is consumption of gluten. Also weak immunity is responsible for this condition.  

What are the Symptoms of Sprue syndrome?

The symptoms of Sprue syndrome vary from person to person. The most common symptoms of Sprue syndrome which are found in most of the patients are as mentioned below.  

Abdominal pain, flatulence and indigestion

Constipation or diarrhea

Nausea and vomiting

Loss of appetite or reduced appetite

Loss of weight

Foul smelling and sticky stools

Intolerance towards lactose

Dos’ and Don’ts of Sprue syndrome

There are several precautionary measures and some home remedies too which help in treatment and prevention of sprue syndrome. These help in offering great relief from this condition.

People suffering from Sprue syndrome must drink lots of water as it helps in removal of waste materials and toxic substances from the body. It promotes good health of the digestive system as well as overall body in a natural way.

Patients of Sprue syndrome should avoid foods which are rich in gluten. Instead, you may take more fruits and vegetables.

Carry out exercises daily. It helps in making the immune system strong and hence makes body able to fight against various in infectious diseases. Yoga and meditation work best in this regard. These are also helpful in releasing stress from mind and body.

Those who suffer from constipation due to Sprue syndrome, they may enhance intake of fiber in their diet. It is helpful in getting rid of constipation. 

To improve natural immunity of your body, increase intake of turmeric in your diet. You may use it while cooking foods.

Similarly, ginger is equally beneficial for this condition. It helps in soothing down the inflammation of the intestines and also improves body immunity. 

Have proper rest and sleep to prevent aggravation of the symptoms of Sprue syndrome due to mental stress.

Rice, quinoa may be consumed in this condition as these help in relieving the digestive disorders.

To get relieved of diarrhea, have rice-water 2-3 times in a day.

Herbal treatment for Sprue Syndrome

It is best to use herbal remedies or products to get rid of Sprue syndrome and the symptoms associated with it. These are helpful in successful treatment and prevention of Sprue syndrome in a completely safe and natural way. Some of the popularly used herbal remedies for Sprue Syndrome are Divya Gaisahara churna, Divya Sankha bhasma, Divya Kutajaghana vati, Divya bilvadi curna, Divya Mukta Sukti bhasma, Divya kapardaka bhasma, Divya Citrakadi vati and many more. These herbal remedies are more or less similar in their respective functions and efficacy in the treatment and prevention of Sprue Syndrome.  Major health benefits offered by these herbal remedies are given below.

These herbal remedies help in deep cleansing and detoxification of the body so that the entire body including digestive system may be freed of waste materials and toxins.

Immune system is benefitted to great extent with the help of herbs contained in these herbal preparations. This in turn protects the body against various infectious diseases.

Symptoms such as diarrhea, flatulence and indigestion are all relieved to great extent with the help of these herbal formulas. 

All the herbal remedies are found to be completely safe for the health of a person. No side-effects are produced by any of these remedies on the vital organs of the body.

The inflammation of the intestines is soothed down to considerable extent.

The functional efficiency of digestive organs is enhanced to great extent.   

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