Health Pack For Sciatica & Cervical Spondylitis

Health Pack For Sciatica & Cervical Spondylitis

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Sciatica & Cervical Spondylitis

Sciatica is a disorder associated with the nervous system. It may be caused due to injury to the sciatic nerve or when any of the nerves get compressed due to some outgrowth or tumorous growth. This condition is most commonly found in such women who have undergone multiple pregnancies. The patient suffers from weakness and pain in the leg which is affected due to this condition. Sometimes, the pain becomes so severe that the patient is unable to move and especially the long distances.  It is because lower part of the back which goes down towards the leg, the leg and sole of the foot are all supplied by the sciatic nerve. Due to compression of this nerve, the patient suffers from pain in the lower part of the back. Also the patient may lose sensation in the back part of the leg.  

On the other hand, cervical spondylitis is caused due to changes that are caused in the cervical vertebrae.  There is damage to the cervical vertebrae or degeneration of the cervical vertebrae which is present in the neck. This condition is equally found in men and women and may occur at any age or stage of life. The patient feels constant pain in the neck region. Also there is constant feeling or inflammation and sometimes the pain becomes so severe that the patient is not able to tolerate it. Even there may be numbness of the extremities. It is quite difficult for the patient to sit or stand for long time.     

Causes of Sciatica and cervical spondylitis

As stated above sciatica may be caused due to compression of the sciatic nerve which may be caused as a result of some injury. Even sitting or standing in the same position for long time may also be the chief cause of this problem. There is damage to the sciatic nerve due to its constancy in the same position for long time which in turn gives rise to the condition called as sciatica.

Cervical spondylitis is caused due to changes coming in the cervical vertebrae. This condition mostly arises due to inactive lifestyle or too much working on the computers, watching television for long hours and so on.

What are the signs and symptoms of sciatica and cervical spondylitis?

Both sciatica and cervical spondylitis have different symptoms. There may be some similarities as well.

Sciatica symptoms

·       Severe or mild Pain

·       Tingling sensation or numbness of the leg

·       Sharp pain on one side of the leg

·       Extreme numbness of other body parts

·       Weakness of the affected leg

·       Worsening of the pain upon standing, sitting, walking or rising

Cervical spondylitis symptoms

·       Pain in the neck

·       Stiffness of the cervical region in the neck

·       Constant pressure on the neck

·       Headache

·       Dizziness

·       Inability to stand for long time

·       Dizziness while driving

·       Numbness of the arms which extends up to the fingers

·       Pricking pain the needles

Herbal remedies for Sciatica and Cervical spondylitis

There are multiple medicines, remedies or treatment options available for the sciatica and cervical spondylitis in conventional medicine system however these offer only instant or temporary relief from this problem. Also these may have some side-effects on the vital organs of the body. Herbal remedies work best in this regard. These offer permanent and effective relief from these conditions. Also these help in prevention of the recurrence of the problem. At the same time, these remedies are also assured for their safety for the overall body and health of a person.

Divya Pidantaka rasa

Signified from its name, it helps in providing quick relief from pain and numbness of the legs. It also strengthens the neck and legs so that these may keep on working efficiently.

Divya Brihad vat Chintamani Ras

It energizes the legs and also relieves pain in the back and legs. It is an efficient formula for treatment and prevention of cervical spondylitis.

Divya Ekangaveer Rasa

This herbal formula has been found to be beneficial for both cervical spondylitis and sciatica. It offers relief from pain, inflammation, dizziness, weakness and numbness experienced in body parts. It nourishes neck and back to prevent the degenerative changes occurring in them.   

Divya Swarna Maksika bhasm

It is helpful in dealing with the problem of pain and swelling in the neck. It offers strength to the neck muscles and hence relieves pain and stiffness.

Divya Chanderprabha vati

It is apt for both the conditions of neck and back i.e. sciatica and cervical spondylitis. It offers instant and effective relief from pain in the neck, back and legs.

Divya Pravala Pisti

People suffering from weakness of legs and pain in the back may use this herbal formula. It is also good for cervical spondylitis. It prevents weakness of the legs by strengthening of the nerves of the entire body.

Divya Trayodashang Guggulu

This herbal formula is known for its efficiency in treating numbness and weakness of the legs, pain in the back, neck and legs.

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