Health Pack For Psoriasis

Health Pack For Psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a disorder of the skin. It is in fact an autoimmune disorder under which scaly rashes appear on the skin. These rashes fall off from the skin in the form of white scales. This skin condition may be found in any of the body parts. There are no restrictions of age or gender as far as occurrence of this skin problem is concerned. Under this condition, there is more production or formation of the skin cells as compared to their shedding. The skin starts appearing silvery white all over the affected area.  It is caused due to anti-action of the cells of the body which are associated with skin against its own defense mechanism. Low body immunity is chiefly the main cause of this skin condition. The symptoms of this skin condition may start appearing immediately or may not even come up for several years.

Causes of Psoriasis

Although definite or specific cause of psoriasis is not known however there are various triggering factors which may be held responsible for this skin condition. It is mainly caused due to some defects or malfunctioning of the immune system.

Dryness of the skin

Injury, cuts and burns on the skin which lead to lesions

Infection caused on the skin due to virus or bacteria

Mental stress

Excessive exposure of the skin to the sunlight

Use of certain medicines

Dependence upon unhealthy diet or lack of certain nutrients in diet required for proper working of skin cells

Consumption of alcohol beyond limits


Major and common Symptoms of Psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis may be found differently in different people. Even some people may not experience any symptoms for so many years before actual revelation of the skin condition. On the other hand, some people may start showing its symptoms at an early stage. The major common symptoms of psoriasis are mentioned below.

Weakness in the body

Irritation on the skin

Lesions on the skin with silvery white scales

Itching on the skin which is accompanied by bleeding and cracks

Lesions on the joints

Discoloration of the nails

Precautions to control and prevent Psoriasis

You must pay attention to some points which are worth considering to control and prevent the condition of Psoriasis of the skin.

Keep your skin properly hydrated by drinking lots of water. Even external moisturizing is important in this case. Use a good quality herbal moisturizer for this purpose. It helps in prevention of the dryness of the skin which in turn prevents the occurrence of psoriasis.

Keep your skin neat, clean and dry. Take daily bath and use mild soaps to cleanse it properly. It helps in prevention of infections and hence prevents psoriasis as well.

Do not expose your skin to harsh rays of the sun for prolonged time periods. It may lead to irritation and even burning of the skin.

Any injuries, cuts or wounds on the skin must be treated and healed immediately and completely. It is very important step as far as treatment and prevention of psoriasis is concerned.

Remain stress free by doing yoga and meditation. It is very helpful in controlling the aggravation of the signs and symptoms of psoriasis.

Incorporate garlic and turmeric in daily diet as these help in improving immunity of the body which is vital to prevent skin diseases such as psoriasis.

Herbal treatment options for psoriasis

There are several treatment options available in the ayurvedic medical world, which help in complete treatment and prevention of further advancement of the psoriasis.

Divya Arogya Vardhani

It prevents recurrence of psoriasis by boosting natural immunity of the body.

Divya Rasa Mankya

This herbal formula provides effective relief from various signs and symptoms of psoriasis.

Divya Kayakalp Kwath

It helps in nourishing the skin cells so that formation of only healthy skin cells may be promoted which is quite beneficial in prevention of psoriasis.

Divya Kaya kalp vati

It normalizes skin functions by making available all the vitamins and minerals required by it. As a result, the condition of psoriasis is either completely prevented or at least controlled to great extent.

Divya Giloy Sattva

It helps in dealing with the problem of dryness of the skin by providing apt nutrition and moisturizing to it. It also helps in complete purification of the blood so as to prevent all types of skin problems.

Divya Kaisora guggulu

This herbal preparation is tested and confirmed for its efficacy and safety in the treatment of skin problems such as psoriasis. It provides great relief from signs and symptoms of skin problems such as psoriasis by nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Divya Pravala Pisti

This ayurvedic formula which is rich in important and beneficial herbs helps in triggering the formation of healthy skin cells. It also boosts immunity to prevent recurrence of skin problems.

Divya Tala Sindura

It supplies all the important and essential nutrients to the skin and hence promotes its good health and also prevention of skin diseases. 

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