Health Pack For Parkinsonism (Kampa-Vata)

Health Pack For Parkinsonism (Kampa-Vata)

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Parkinsonism (Kampa-Vata)

Parkinsonism is a neurodegenerative disease. It is a group of diseases in which the most common type of disease is the Parkinson’s disease. It is characterized by inflexibility or stiffness, slow movement or bradykinesia and shivering while resting. This disease is caused due to degeneration of destruction of the nerve cells. These cells are present in the basal ganglia and substantia nigra. It is an age-related disorder which is mostly found in people at the age of 50 or more. It advances further with advancement in the age. This nervous disorder is found more commonly in men as compared to women. There are multiple reasons for occurrence of this problem.

  What are the causative factors for Parkinsonism?

As stated above, Parkinsonism may be caused due to multiple factors. The most important factors are as mentioned below.

Injury to the brain

Use of drugs which are applicable for treatment of psychosis

Severe and chronic illness

Genetic factors

Exposure to certain toxic materials or substances

Major signs and symptoms of Parkinsonism

Parkinsonism may be diagnosed and detected in a person by considering various signs and symptoms. The major symptoms are as mentioned below.

Stiffness of the muscles of neck, back and other parts of the body


Shivering or trembling of the limbs including shaking of hands, legs and arms during resting position

Disappearance of tremors during movement of limbs and the entire body

Instability of the gait and stopped posture during forward bent

Slow movement of body parts

Weakness of the throat and the body parts

Difficulty for the patient to get up from the resting position

Stress, depression, anxiety

Precautionary measures for Parkinsonism

By taking into consideration the changes in diet and lifestyle of a person, the occurrence of Parkinsonism can be completely prevented.

You must eat balanced and well-nutritious diet incorporating fruits, vegetables, dairy products, raisins, nuts, whole grains etc. It helps in proper working of all the cells of the brain which in turn prevents the occurrence of nervous disorders such as Parkinsonism.

Also one should remain active all through the life. It is because inactive lifestyle leads to damage to the physical as well as mental cells, tissues and muscles. Mild to moderate physical exercise helps in keeping all body parts including physical and mental functional and in good health.

You must have proper rest and sleep as it helps in releasing mental stress and the associated nervous disorders. 

You must also stay away from smoking and alcohol as these have an adverse effect on the overall health of human body. It also leads to decrease or complete diminishing of the natural immunity of the body which is a direct invitation for multiple health problems. 

To strengthen cells and muscles of nervous system, you may consume almonds which have been soaked for an overnight. You may consume the almonds by peeling them off with a glass of warm water. It helps in improving memory and concentration.

Herbal or natural remedies for Parkinsonism

To get rid of Parkinsonism or such other associated nervous disorders, you may use some herbal remedies. These are completely safe for the health of human body in all respects- physical as well as mental.

Divya Pravala Pisti

This herbal remedy may be considered as one of the most suitable and recommendable remedies for Parkinsonism. It nourishes the brain cells and makes them strong enough for their respective functions. It also energizes the entire nervous system and prevents inflexibility and weakness of physical and mental muscles.  

Divya Rasaraja Rasa

It is one of the most excellent herbal formulas which are being used from times unknown to treat various nervous disorders including Parkinsonism.  It also improves supply of blood and oxygen to the brain and enhances its capacity and functions.

Divya Makaradhvaja

This herbal formula may be used on regular basis to strengthen the cells and muscles of the brain. It also energizes the brain cells so that their unnecessary damage or deterioration may be prevented automatically.  It also improves memory and concentration.

Divya Ekangavira Rasa

It treats nervous disorders by strengthening of the entire nervous system including cells, tissues and muscles. This in turn prevents degeneration of the nerve cells. It is in fact a wonderful nervine tonic which helps in correcting the various disorders associated with nervous system.

Divya Trayodsanga Gugglu

It is one of the best known herbal formulas which help in treating various nervous disorders including Parkinsonism. Regular use of this herbal formula helps in relieving the signs and symptoms associated with this nervous disorder. 

Divya Candra-Prabhavati

Rich in various herbs which help in supporting strong muscles, this wonderful herbal preparation ensures that the nervous system may keep on working properly and normally. It is equally beneficial for the immune system as it helps body to fight against various infectious diseases.    

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